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Block 772: September 4, 2015

I would say TGIF, but I’m now working Saturday and Sunday. Goodbye, three day weekend. Date: September 4, 2015 Crane: 772 Days Spent on Project: 927 Location: NW Portland, OR Person I would have sent it to: TBD Music I listened to while sewing: Currently, I’m listening to the sound of my dog lick his … Continue reading

Block 147: July 14, 2013

  Thank goodness I keep writing the date on these Cranes; I actually had no idea what day it was when it woke up or what I was supposed to be working on. Anyway, it’s Sunday. Today’s a new day. It’s the same old world, sadly. Date: July 14, 2013 Crane: 147 Days Spent on … Continue reading