My Pattern

I can’t pinpoint how I was lead to Margaret Rolfe’s Peace Quilt, but as 2012 wound itself down, I was suddenly aware of its presence.

As I started the “A Thousand Quilted Cranes” Project, I reached out to her, hoping to explain what I was attempting to do and get her permission to continue.

She was gracious enough to send me her good wishes for the project, and myself.

If you’re interested in learning about Margaret Rolfe and her work, you can go to her website by clicking here.

If you’re so inspired by what I’m doing and want the pattern for your own work, here’s a link to Logan’s Fabric in Australia, where you can purchase the pattern online. (The pattern is about halfway down the page).

If you do decide to start your own version of this project or Margaret Rolfe’s Peace Quilt, let her (and me) know (she has a link on her website to contact her): she’d appreciate it!

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