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Fabric, Interrupted.

  Oops. I forgot to keep you all abreast of my adventures in Fabric-land. These 20 long quarters (as opposed to fats) were bought last weekend over two days at City Quilter. On Saturday, I spent over an hour wandering around, trying to find fabric that inspired me. After an hour, I just grabbed a … Continue reading

“Long fats!”

  An update on the fabrics I bought at City Quilter the other day! As you can see, I’ve stuck with my man Roy G. Biv for the moment. As you might NOT see, I discovered a small bin of “end of bolt” pieces: One dollar for solid fabrics and two dollars for prints! Genius! … Continue reading

Weekly fabric!

  Okay, friends. More fat quarters from The City Quilter. I specifically walked in there with ROY G BIV going through my head; if I don’t actively think about the color wheel, I’m finding that I’m likely to pick up shades of greens and blues… and who wants a quilt this big to be so … Continue reading

Cranes by mail!

Guys! After running errands and shopping a bit for work downtown, I came home and realized I hadn’t checked my mail in a few days. Imagine my surprise when I saw a think envelope addressed to me from Oregon. I don’t know anyone in Oregon, do I? I opened in when I walked in the … Continue reading

Fat Quarters!

  Another trip to City Quilter on Friday, for what seems to be a traditional weekly visit at this point. And this time, the employees asked about the project specifically. They even told other customers in line about it. Granted, they called it “cute.” I’m not too sure if I want it to be known … Continue reading

More Fabric!

Managed to get to City Quilters on 25th Street yesterday afternoon. After much hemming and hawing, I bought another 18 fat quarters to add to the project’s stockpile! One of the women who works there, asked point blank what I was doing with all the fabric I was buying recently. “You always only buy fat … Continue reading

Big Spender!

After teaching class this morning, I managed to stop by The City Quilter on 25th Street. I easily and quickly dropped over $100 on fat quarters that looked like they might help me open up my color and pattern palette. Quilting, let it be known, is freakin’ expensive at times. While it seems that I … Continue reading