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Block 722: July 16, 2015

Well, finally getting around to this after 7pm. And the season feels like it has started in earnest… Date: July 16, 2015 Crane: 722 Days Spent on Project: 877 Location: NW Portland, OR Person I would have sent it to: Madison. Again, I don’t know her last name. Yesterday’s Crane- for Jordan- ties into today’s. … Continue reading

Block 721: July 15, 2015

My one year anniversary of moving to Portland, Oregon. Today is an important day. Date: July 15, 2015 Crane: 721 Days Spent on Project: 876 Location: NW Portland, OR Person I would have sent it to: Even though today has a warm place in my heart and I’m feeling incredibly thankful and also introspective about … Continue reading

Block 720: July 14, 2015

One year ago today, I had the few remaining pieces of furniture picked up by Housing Works from my Washington Heights apartment, took the rest of my remaining belongings to some trash bins around the corner (”Take me, I’m free”), ate a toasted New York bagel with cream cheese from the corner bodega, drank a watered down iced … Continue reading

Block 719: July 13, 2015

A year ago today, three movers came to my Washington Heights apartment and started to pack all the 90 boxes and random pieces of furniture left into a truck to be driven across the country to Portland, Oregon. I had less than 40 hours before I was scheduled to board a plane with The Dog … Continue reading

Block 718: July 12, 2015

I just realized, since we’re 12 days into July, August is 19 days away. Suddenly, “I have the entire summer to get my shop ready” is no longer a calming statement to make. We’re back and sewing in 22 days… YIKES. Date: July 12, 2015 Crane: 718 Days Spent on Project: 873 Location: NW Portland, … Continue reading

Block 717: July 11, 2015

My dog turns 6 today. He doesn’t seem to mind or care whenever I’ve mentioned it to him this morning. A trip to the pet store is in order! Date: July 11, 2015 Crane: 717 Days Spent on Project: 872 Location: NW Portland, OR Person I would have sent it to: Tiffany D. The structure … Continue reading

Block 716: July 10, 2015

Do you know that moment in the musical Ragtime when the character Brother sees Evelyn Nesbit for the first time and yells, “Life is suddenly full of wonderful possibilities!”? I woke up this morning feeling that. Remember that funk I was in last week? It’s very much gone now. Date: July 10, 2015 Crane: 716 … Continue reading

Block 715: July 9, 2015

Back from the Oregon Coast this afternoon and within an hour of dropping my bags in the apartment, I got a text about some BIG work news that shouldn’t have been such emotional news but, for very specific reasons, got me to run the mile to work on the rest of my (last) vacation day and … Continue reading

Block 714: July 8, 2015

Sitting on a deck on a cliff in Neskowin, Oregon this morning overlooking the Pacific Ocean this morning. Date: July 8, 2015 Crane: 714 Days Spent on Project: 869 Location: Neskowin, OR Person I would have sent it to: Rachel L. Rachel was the third and last costume designer working at that Arkansas Summer Theater Festival … Continue reading

Block 713: July 7, 2015

It’s a little overcast and grey outside. Could it be that this heat wave is FINALLY OVER?!?! Date: July 7, 2015 Crane: 713 Days Spent on Project: 868 Location: NW Portland, OR Person I would have sent it to: Lauren R. When I left Los Angeles on May 12th for Conway, Arkansas to finish working … Continue reading