This is all just water, friends.

Hello, everyone:

In the interest of transparency, I want to take this opportunity and be upfront: after two years in Portland, Oregon at Portland Center Stage, some proposed restructuring of the Costume Shop has decided that my time as their Costume Shop Supervisor has come to an end.

I’m currently in the process of wrapping up the past 24 months of Life- a period of extreme education, growth, work, re-focusing, stillness, and experience that helped renew my sense of theater’s place in the world, its potential, its possibility, and its current limitations.

Brady (my very understanding French Bulldog) and I will begin our cross-country trek back to the east coast –with my ever supportive, wonderfully available parents – aware that possibility awaits on each leg of this journey. Portland has only reinforced my belief that my journey has only begun – this was just a brief moment that won’t define me – and I have so much left to give.

So, if you’re anywhere in-between Portland and New York, reach out. Even if you’re not, reach out. I’d love to talk about where you are, how you feel, and what you’re doing. I’m ready for my next chapter.

This is all just water. It’s all water.

I’ve learned to keep swimming in the past 2 years, and for that I’m grateful.

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