Block 1,000: April 19, 2016




I will write something here a little later, I promise; I think I need a moment to process what I did here.

Oh, guys.


6 thoughts on “Block 1,000: April 19, 2016

  1. congrats on getting to 4 digits… what a roller coaster… i thank you for giving me a chance to see all your beautiful fabric cranes and dream about what you might do with them…
    smiles, bea
    i hope i am alive to see them on display
    [my stage-4 cancer roller coaster has been concurrent with your journey… i’m still functional, but the tumors are progressing, so i ride my own roller coaster]

    I think some mashup of the songs you listened to, as well as audio reading of parts of your blog would be an awesome counterpart to seeing them all displayed together… whether you assemble or keep separate (although the quilting would take longer, i would prefer them to be separate LOL)

    • What a roller coaster…

      Yes, indeed.

      Bea, thank you for the kind words and following along with me on this ride. Over the past three days, I can’t begin to tell you how many different feelings and realizations I’ve had about the weight of this project. It means so much to me to have learned over the past 72 hours or so how far this work has travelled. Seeing these Cranes take on a life of their own- in a way I didn’t imagine- has been humbling.

      I’m still here. I still have to write my last entry in a legitimate way. I will visit this blog often, and I hope to continue it when I figure out all the details of how I’m finishing it. If you want to reach out- if you need to reach out- these Cranes are always here.

      These Cranes will ultimately remain separate blocks, but connected together. They’ll flock together, I hope, so they can be seen together totally. I think they need to exist together for a while so the weight of the project can have some visual meaning.

      Thank you for giving me your time and sticking with me. Thank you.

  2. I’m happy; I’m sad. I never thought this day would come. You and your work have become a part of my daily life, though you may not know it. I know that there will be a follow-up project to this gallant effort, my friend… an effort to which I will look forward with the greatest of glee! My appreciation extends well beyond my own personal vistas, having shared it with friends far and wide… and some of them are pretty wide! I will follow your career with interest, as there is within you an overwhelming determination to get to a certain place — one which no one knows yet. Could it become clear after today? Only you know. I’ll keep watching and thinking of your progress, as that’s what it will be from this day forward.

    • I’m happy and relieved and sad, too! I may have been a teary mess several times this week as I realized… “well, I did it. THAT portion of this is done.” There’s still so much work to do, and so much time to invest in it, so I have to remember none of this is over. Thank you for following and thank you for letting this project into your life.

      I didn’t realize how much of a gift I was going to give myself back in 2013 when I sat down at my sewing machine, took a breath, and sewed my first stitch.

      Thank you for the kind words. Thank you for your time. Thank you thank you thank you.

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