Block 992: April 11, 2016



Date: April 11, 2016

Crane: 992

Days Spent on Project: 1146

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD

Music I listened to while sewing: I really want to listen to Demi Lovato in my office, but I think the shop will object.


Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Eight more days, ladies and gentlemen followers. Here we go!

I was asked what my plans were for life, post-1000-Cranes, today. I know, having done this for 1146 days that I should have some kind of plan. But I don’t. Oddly.

What do I want to do with these? How do I want to finish everything off? Can I display it? Should it be seen publicly? Should I immediately finish it?

What’s next? What’s my next thing? What’s my next hobby? What really happens after?

Is it strange to admit I never thought about Life beyond this project?

I’m not sure I accomplished what I wanted with this project. I’m not sure it brought about the change that I hoped it would.

I don’t think it’s a failure on my part or the Project’s part, but I don’t feel different in the way that I hoped I would. So maybe the Project isn’t going to be over on April 19th. Maybe it will keep going on, even if I don’t sew another stitch on it… but maybe I need it to.

I keep joking that this project is about taking it one day at a time. Just one day. Just one hour. Just a few minutes. Step by step.

But that’s really the Project in a nutshell. Staring at some huge, seemingly insurmountable goal ahead of you and deciding to start chipping away at it as best you can. I think that’s the big takeaway from this.

Anything worthwhile will be overwhelming when you’re staring at it in the distance. But actively choosing to make a step- and then another and another- and working towards your goal bit by bit… then it’s not so much an impossibility but a plausibility.

So, take it in increments. And, yes, it’s okay to fail and take a break or fall down or not take a step one day. I think that’s okay as long as you get back up and choose to take that first step again. I think it’s all about continually making a choice to try.

Sometimes trying is the most you can do.

Again, the goal is the process and not the product.

Eight more days, guys.

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