Posted on November 23, 2015

Block 852: November 23, 2015

Five minutes at a time. Date: November 23, 2015 Crane: 852 Days Spent on Project: 1007 Location: NW Portland, OR Person I would have sent it to: TBD Music I listened to while sewing: Back to listening to Ariana Grande’s “Why Try.” I’m not that despondent tonight, though. Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: The week started … Continue reading

Block 851: November 22, 2015

Here’s an admission: That background fabric is the last *new* piece of fabric to go into this project. I think I have enough pieces of quilting cotton in my stack to get me to One Thousand and never to have duplicated a combination. The end is in sight. Date: November 22, 2015 Crane: 851 Days … Continue reading