Block 843: November 14, 2015


A friend in Paris told me today that this reminds her of how the Eiffel Tower sparkles at night.

Date: November 14, 2015

Crane: 843

Days Spent on Project: 998

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD

Music I listened to while sewing: Today I’ve got an album named “We Are Lucky People” by Lange on… I enjoy the title song!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I like how it’s okay to be lazy on the weekend.

I still managed to work on this project, clean parts of the apartment, shop for our Christmas production, get to the gym, take the dog on three walks, and get to Trader Joe’s. I wasn’t entirely lazy.

I’ve recharged enough that I’m starting to dream about The California Project again.

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