Block 840: November 11, 2015


Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone.

Date: November 11, 2015

Crane: 840

Days Spent on Project: 995

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD

Music I listened to while sewing: Again, strolling through Spotify. This week’s “Discover” Playlist isn’t as spot on as last week’s unfortunately.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Today I spent about two hours “having coffee” with someone else in the theater, talking about management strategies.

How did I become someone to go to for management questions?

How have I become a poster child for spreadsheets totaling labor and budgets and work needs?

It was an interesting dialogue to be in today.

Change is underfoot.

I don’t want to be a quitter. I want to see what kind of change is being implemented and how I can advocate for a better situation here.

I also want to keep advocating for myself.

I need to keep advocating for myself.

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