Block 769: September 1, 2015


Is it weird to say that I’ll never put together another Crane in the month of August (or July or June or May)? I’ll be done with this before long…

Date: September 1, 2015

Crane: 769

Days Spent on Project: 924

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD

Music I listened to while sewing: Another quiet day in the shop. Everyone’s hard at work, sewing and stuff. We’re not even talking today.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Wow. It’s not even 4pm and I feel like the season just hit me/us. We’re in the last week of the build for our first show that still seems a bit nebulous and is now requiring me to ship overnight more clothes for more ideas; the designs for the second show- the big musical- are late and the costume designer hasn’t pieced it all together yet with the director and can’t tell me how big is big; our third designer just came to the shop today to discuss her show that starts in two weeks; and I just confirmed a fourth designer is going to visit in three weeks (during tech and the build of two shows) to see what our “situation” is like.


But, I did get confirmation that one side project that I’ve been gunning to do in the shop WILL happen on OUR schedule. That’s a big vote of confidence in our ability!

And, I did get confirmation that the Christmas show’s “re-imagined” costumes will actually be about repeating looks from other scenes and not re-thinking and re-doing new ideas. And, that the original designer ISN’T going to be coming back because of a technicality so that’s one less designer I have to deal with in the next two months. Granted, I’ll have to design it in proxy, but PHEW.

So much is going on and I need more information before any of it can happen. Why are some designers so slow? I understand that the muse needs to hit us when she hits us, but this isn’t rocket science and you knew your deadlines when you signed your very official union contracts.

Get it together, people.

Okay, as much as I’m trying to save my personal money, I need to go get a cookie.

Why aren’t there any treats in the shop right now?

Chocolate will help. Maybe wine will help later, too.

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