Block 761: August 24, 2015


Ahhhhhhh, Monday.

The *best* day of the week, hands down.

I jest.

I guess.

Date: August 24, 2015

Crane: 761

Days Spent on Project: 916

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD

Music I listened to while sewing: We have… um… what kind of music is this in the shop? It sounds like Buena Vista Social Club, I think.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I am having the craziest, most intense, ambiguous but kinda specific dreams lately. I’m not sleeping through the night right now, which isn’t pleasant at all.

Last night, I put a book down at 11pm and turned off the light. I woke up at 12:18am. I woke up at 3am. I woke up at 4am. I woke up at 6am when my alarm finally went off.

The previous night, I was up a few times.

The night before that I couldn’t stay asleep.

There was a dream involving an appointment at a hospital. When I showed up to it’s front doors, I went in and was told that I had to take a sharp turn ahead and then walk through a long tiled, hallway to get to the receptionist. The tiling was very mid-century, yet sterile. An older woman, she seemed like a mother, walked ahead of me, around the corner.

I turned the corner and instead of seeing the end of the generic hallway continue along easily in front of me, I saw the institutional green floor slope up, at first gently, and then angle itself drastically so that the receptionist was floors above me, dressed in an outfit that, again, seemed to be from the 1960s. I ran and ran and fought against the growing angle of the floor, finally making it to the top before sliding down. I tried again, and this time, my foot managed to push off from the wall-floor and my fingers caught the edge of some grout and I was able to pull myself up into this new story.

The receptionist smiled and said my name. “Glad to see you here.”

I took the paperwork, sat down, and started to fill it out. The woman ahead of me was already sitting there. She smiled, too.

Another dream found me walking in the middle of a group, in the late night darkness, on train tracks. I assumed I was in the middle of a forest somewhere. The group was incredibly quiet, and I remember being distinctly aware, and afraid of, some other group that was looking for us. It was important for us, as a group, to get to our destination together and before the sun rose.

And then the sun rose.

And then the other group, clearly hunting us, rose out of the darkness in front and behind us, and my group scattered. I went right. One other person ran off the tracks and into the darkness of the forest, and I saw that person switch on their flashlight to guide their way. I watched the beam of light go on, then just as abruptly disappear.

I kept running, thinking they were gone.

And then I understood they the light went off. The person in front of me had run off a cliff, and I had as well. I looked down, at the ground so distant below me, and started to fall. I saw the person ahead of me on the ground, their flashlight still on but their owner immobile.

Another dream found me at a doctor’s office, getting a consultation for the work that I needed to be done. Part of my body was failing, and they were prepping me for an emergency surgery to save my livelihood. In a strange twist of fate, the doctor brought over a bag that contained the organs that were going to be put inside me. They looked larger than normal. They were plastic. There was a hole in their undersides.

The doctor explained to me that a tube would have to be connected to these artificial organs that would always stick out of my body; it would allow my new organs to drain, but also allow vital fluids to be injected into me.

I fainted.

I’m not having the most relaxing sleep right now.

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