Block 745: August 8, 2015


I am so ready for a nap right now.

Date: August 8, 2015

Crane: 745

Days Spent on Project: 900

Wait. What? Nine hundred days ago, did I really start this project? And I’ve only fallen 155 days behind?

I can and can’t believe it.

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: TBD

Music I listened to while sewing: Listening to Edith Piaf right now. I was thinking it was applicable to The California Project, so I wanted to listen to her oeuvre again.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: It’s been 10 days since I had that dental surgery, and the swelling has reduced enough that all the stitches have decided to take the opportunity to make themselves known. The stitches on the left side of my inner mouth are rubbing up against my cheek.

If these stitches have to stay in there for another 18 days, this is going to be a very long process. I cannot wait until my mouth gets back to normal. And my diet. Last night, I convinced myself it was okay to eat normal food again. My meal still consisted of plain, overcooked pasta, but I let myself have some chicken with it! And I chewed it!

Tonight, I might tempt fate and go out to eat. More solid food!

The next goal will be to see if I can go back to the gym. I was told not to do anything that elevated my heart rate for a while… they didn’t want my blood circulating more than normal. If I weren’t so tired today, I’d love to go for a run. It’s the perfect weather for it.

Anyway, improvements each and every day. The mouth is getting better. It looks better.

Work is moving along. Improvements are happening. I think things will continue to get better.

Okay, off for a quick 10-minute nap or so on the porch.

The weekend is off to a good start!

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