Block 723: July 17, 2015


8:30pm and finally doing this.

Way to stay on schedule…

Date: July 17, 2015

Crane: 723

Days Spent on Project: 878

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Well, here we find ourselves at the juncture I knew would happen before I hit 1000 people.

After Arkansas, on June 12th, I flew out of Little Rock and landed in Atlanta and then connected to a flight headed to Richmond, Virginia. I was going to meet my parents at the airport; they had been babysitting my French Bulldog for almost two months and it was time to pick him up.

I didn’t have any immediate work to head back to in New York City, so I was planning on staying in Richmond for a few weeks. To recover, to recuperate, to rethink, to relax. After working in LA on something so awesome as The California Project, and then to wade through four weeks in Arkansas, I needed a break. I was tired.

I was also, on an impulse, following something that seemed incredibly out of left field. Out of nowhere, a job posting scrolled onto my Facebook feed; being completely frustrated with the system in place at Arkansas, I knew I could more than do the job and do it very well. I sent in my resume and a cover letter and some references, in the hopes that the people in Portland would see that this costume designer might have what it takes to manage a costume shop.

In what seems like a whirlwind now, knowing the full enormity of the choice I was about to commit to, I responded to some email inquiries from them interviewed by Skype a few times, talked to people there on the phone some more, and was hired to manage a costume shop, but then given two weeks before my first day of work in Portland.

Sheesh. So, in between June 12th, 2014 and July 15th, 2014, my entire life was discarded and packed and moved and flown and driven and landed and relocated to Portland. Oregon. Portland, Oregon.

Wow. I spent a little over two weeks in Richmond, arriving back in New York on the second of July. In thirteen days, I busily got myself ready and didn’t really think too too hard about what I was doing. I just did it.

So, here we are with this Project. I put it on hold for about 100 days, with my sewing machine and fabric and materials packed away and in transit. I came back to it, finding myself in a new apartment with space and sunlight in a city I knew hardly anyone in and a city I knew nothing about.

I have people here I’m friendly with. I do not yet have people I am *close* friends with. I’m still trying. I’m not very good at it. Something about being single with no child but with a codependent dog has made the social transition a little hard for me (to be honest, though, Portland: you don’t make it very easy to be friendly. [If you ever want to know the definition of aloofness…]).

So, part of this project is to thank 1000 people who’ve been a part of my life in some way, however good or bad or meaningful or hateful or helpful or destructive or whatever. I’ve thanked 722.

I do not want to start thanking people here in Portland yet- not because there aren’t people here who haven’t become a part of my life, mind you- but because it’s all still so new and fresh and I don’t have the perspective of Time yet.

I could thank the person who officially hired me or the people in my shop or the people I’ve had several drinks with or my neighbors, BUT…

…I don’t know what any of it means yet. If it means anything at all.

So, this does mean that if I’ve thanked you or someone else you know so far, know that I have spent time thinking about you and wanted to acknowledge a connection (again, whatever connection that is) that has affected me in some way. If you’ve been a part of the 722, you’re a part of this project. You’re a part of my story. You’re a part of something.

Well, you always were a part of something and you have your own story to tell.

But my hope with The A Thousand Quilted Crane Project is that: I’m trying to create a tangible, visual testament to the idea that we do affect/effect others in our life and we truly are never alone or forgotten or lost.

I’m here because of you. You have people who exist for you. You exist for others. I exist for people.

You’re here. And you’ll always will be.

And maybe you have a Crane for it.

Maybe. I don’t know.

I’m still waiting for 278 more of you to join me.

In the meantime, we’ll keep going. Momentum is on my side, but I’ll have to revisit the people behind this project as they come up.

The Good Work continues. Let’s keep going.

Music I listened to while sewing: Fort Fairfield as I type this, sitting on my balcony at 8:55pm on a Friday night and feeling it slowly start to get dark. The days are getting shorter…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I have a deep fear that I won’t ever make it to 1000.

WIll I fail it I don’t hold up my end of the bargain?

Will I fail if I can’t reach my goal?

Can I make it to 1000…

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