Block 710: July 4, 2015


Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

Date: July 4, 2015

Crane: 710

Days Spent on Project: 865

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: When I flew out to Conway, Arkansas that very first weekend in January of 2013, the purpose was to attend production/design meetings for the three larger shows that summer (Pippin, Hamlet, and Two Gentlemen of Verona). Because this was just a few days after the New Year, and a crazy brutal snow storm was about to hit the East Coast, not everyone could get to Arkansas. I made it there; no one from New York did. One scenic designer and one director managed to get there from Illinois. That was it. In the end, all the meetings were Skyped in… which is what I felt we should have done in the first place (save the money if it’s just an informal meeting!).

Anyway, after arriving in Little Rock super late and then being driven to the college housing that would be my home for two nights, I passed out. I woke up, was picked up, and driven to where the production meetings would happen.

I guess the second person involved in that theater festival that I met was the Artistic Director, Rebekah S. I think she had been involved with the festival since its inception. It was, in a way, one of her babies and big achievements. (She knew my friend Jeremy W., who reached out to me and brought me on board to design Pippin.) It was good to meet her finally that weekend in January. She was incredibly excited by the show and how we talked about it.

I think, since we’re now a few days into July, this year’s festival might actually be drawing to a close. From what I read online and on Facebook, it seems like they had a successful season; they did Fiddler on the Roof and predictably sold out (theater kernel of truth: if you ever want a sold out production in your season, do Fiddler).

Music I listened to while sewing: Not very original at all today. I continued to listen to Sia, and then dipped into some Alexander McQueen runway shows on Youtube (La Dame Bleue today).

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: On July 7th, I’m renting a car and driving out to the coast again. Vinnie, of The California Project, is bringing up his family for a short vacation, and we’re going to discuss how to move forward with another, more fleshed out production.

I needed something to look forward to… and I think I got it.

I don’t think it should be any surprise when I say that I’ve realized I’m living my life in Portland as if this were just a “pit stop” in between places and periods in my life. Last night, doing more reading and research for The California Project and texting friends back in New York, it struck me how my Portland time has been all about “rebooting” and trying to screw my head on straight again, trying to figure out what my priorities are, etc.

Portland has been interesting. It continues to be so. It will continue to be so.

I feel that the opportunity Portland had for me wasn’t necessarily about job or career advancement, in a way. The opportunity that Portland afforded me was an enforced period of slower times and quieter times and more relaxed times. That has been great. It has. I hope to get as much as I possibly can out of this job and my time in this city. I do.

But, I want to see where this opportunity will take me next. I’m not ungrateful at all. I’m thankful to be thinking straight (well, more clearly) again.

I’m thankful to realize that I’m not done or finished or over or alone.

Happy Fourth, ladies and gentlemen.


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