Block 708: July 2, 2015


Doesn’t feel like there’s much to say today, unfortunately.

Date: July 2, 2015

Crane: 708

Days Spent on Project: 863

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Well, this one may be silly, but…

My devising partner for The California Project, Vinnie, he and his wife, Sarah, had a baby last February. I was aware that a baby would someday be in the picture as he and I started to work on The California Project, sure; it was a little apparent with the kinds of conversations he had with a fellow professor who recently adopted a child.

So, this one is for Hallie who showed up back in February. She’s a little over four months old now.

Think about that… Born in February… Nine months prior to that is May.

I arrived in late April and stayed through mid-May. Eek.

I joke to myself that with all the creative energy flying around during those weeks, we all needed an outlet.

Right? Ha.

But, glad you’re here Hallie! Your parents love you!

Music I listened to while sewing: More Sia today.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m still wading into a funk right now. I feel like I’m missing something, missing out on something, missing people and places. Most of all, I’m feeling a little lost. I guess.

I’m at work. Because it’s now July, the new theater season has started, which means I can dive into the shopping list of things to purchase for the shop for the upcoming season. It also means my raise for next season was approved; they’ll raise my “hourly rate” by 75 cents. Yes, I’m salaried and I don’t get paid by the number of hours I work (how I wish I were!), but for the next twelve months, I get a whopping extra $30 a week. Or $6 a day if I worked five days a week. Or $5 a day when I work six days a week. Or under $4.30 a day when I work 7 days a week.

Anyway, why the funk? Why did it start last week and how can I get myself out of it? I’ve been going to the gym daily. I’ve been sewing these Cranes. I’ve read through the books on my nightstand.

I think I’d like to phone a friend today.

Time to dive more into The California Project, too.

Time to get another hobby.

One thought on “Block 708: July 2, 2015

  1. I used to have a post-family-visit funk… it was like it sent a ripple through my solitary patterns and made me discontent.

    yes, something to look forward to! (always in order)

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