Block 690: June 14, 2015


Lest you think that, after almost 700 of these Cranes, I can sew them in my sleep, today’s Crane fought me every stitch of the way. Don’t know what was or wasn’t going through my head, but my seam ripper and I became good friends today.

Date: June 14, 2015

Crane: 690

Days Spent on Project: 845

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Nick P.

Nick was a student at the University of California Irvine who volunteered to help us with The California Project. I believe he was, and is still, an acting student there. I’m not sure why he didn’t ask to act in the project- we wouldn’t have refused him- but he ended up working on the technical side of things. He made sure all the equipment for sound and lights were up and running for the two performances we gave.

He’s still at the University of California Irvine, from what I hear. He’s still focusing on acting, too.

Music I listened to while sewing: Well, I think I may have listened to Fun Home a little too much yesterday. It was getting to be a little too emotional for me, so I changed and started to listen to something different.

I ended up choosing Holly Herndon. It was certainly a less emotional listen for the morning. Maybe a little too emotionless. Although, the song “Lonely at the Top” is kind of great. It’s practically a performance piece waiting to happen.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Even though I did go into the theater yesterday and today to check in with the wardrobe department (we close our tenth show of the season and the 11th and final show closes in one week), I will head back into work tomorrow for the first full day in over a week. The short says and two days outside of Portland and visit from my parents and their two dogs were so incredibly needed.

It was nice to have that to look forward to.

It was nice to have people around, in town, who wanted to hang out with me.

It was nice to feel comfortable with people. And not feel like I was new to people.

It was nice to feel that people believed I was good.

It was nice to be reminded that I am a part of something. I have a family and I am lucky enough to be friends with my parents. I am lucky to have that.

It’s quarter to eight on this Sunday. I have a few things I’d like to work on tonight, but I’d also like to sit on my balcony and stare out onto the city for a while too.

I mean, it is Sunday after all.

Ciao. Let’s have a good week…

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