Block 689: June 13, 2015


New sensation… I just came back from a 2 day vacation and I have no idea what day it is and why I should have to go back to work on Monday. Huh.

Date: June 13, 2015

Crane: 689

Days Spent on Project: 844

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Leota T-R.

The rehearsal process for The California Project was short. Incredibly short, when you think that our goal was to use this time to discover things about the style, the process, the needs, the story, the characters, the staging of this particular story and how to stage “immersively” in general. We had ten days of rehearsal, before we did two “performances” for two different audiences on two different nights. Vinnie and I did the math afterwards, and we think we had 30 hours of rehearsal time. Total.

Remember, we had 12 actors involved in the show and, at any time during the 45 minutes of the “performance,” there were three different story lines happening. Laid out end to end, that meant that we had over 2 hours of content happening in 45 minutes, if you can understand that.

And we rehearsed all of that in 30 hours.

(To put it in more context, at the theater where I now work, we have the option of 48 hours of rehearsal every week with Equity actors, and we get three weeks of rehearsal before we have a week of technical rehearsals, and THOSE can be a minimum of 30 hours. And we do 2 hour plays…)

This meant that Vinnie and I would usually divide the student actors into at least two groups each rehearsal. I would get a storyline. Vinnie got one. Sam A. eventually took one, as would Iris G. We’d all take a story line and a scene, work on it, and then switch groups to refine what the previous person had sculpted and shaped. It was intense and busy and all sorts of fun.

Leota came to us almost one week into the rehearsal process, when we realized we might need one extra person to take some of the cast and directing. Iris also was double booked, and her other (school affiliated) project was starting to require more time. Iris would leave, a little sad, not finishing the project with us. Leota came in and saw what we were doing and helped us out as best she could.

Music I listened to while sewing: A combination of the Fun House cast recording and now Dance music. Just to balance out the heartfelt emotions with something a little lighter, you know?

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: So thankful that today is Saturday, and still the weekend, so I don’t have to immediately go back to work. I went in to work today for two hours, as one show closes tomorrow, and I saw that everything is still standing. Nothing fell apart while I was gone. Things are still moving along.

This upcoming week is about redoing my office. They cleared everything out to paint last week. My new furniture is all there now, and I get to put it all together and re-organize and make it my own. So very excited for that. Ready to take ownership of my work space, instead of using things that were cobbled together for me last summer.

The emails about next season are starting to come along. This summer and next season feels different already; I no longer have a sense of the unknown hanging over me. I know what’s coming (a lot of work). I know it’s a marathon to be paced. Maybe this season, I’ll finally be seen as a part of the team and not the new person who’s still “learning the ropes.”

Again, so glad for the two day vacation. Can’t wait to use the remaining nine days before the end of the season calendar!

Maybe I am growing to like it here…

But I still have things to do, as I’m sure you know.


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