Block 688: June 12, 2015


Just back from the Oregon coast. I get why people fall in love with this state now.

The Dog, meanwhile, is exhausted.

Date: June 12, 2015

Crane: 688

Days Spent on Project: 843

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Kaitlyn K.

When Vinnie and I had our big, “full production staff” production meeting, right before I was to fly out to LA for the workshop of The California Project, he had managed to convince one of the grad student costume designers to work on the show. We didn’t have a budget for any of the design areas (one of the issues I learned when trying to immerse people in a production), but she had access to the UCI costume stock, which was pretty substantial given the amount of theater they produced during all of their academic seasons.

Kaitlyn took upon herself to dress the 12 actors who volunteered their time and talent by working on The California Project. She also designed masks for our actors to wear. It was one of the conceits that we tried for that production- to help signal who was IN the show, as opposed to watching. (I’m not sold on the usage of masks by the actors; I believe that you need to see the actors react, emote, their eyes, their breathing, etc. You need to allow the audience the opportunity to latch onto the performers. To get intrigued by them. To be seduced or repelled or captivated or scared or bored by them. The next time, no masks on performers… even though it *was* helpful for that workshop production.)

Again, Kaitlyn had a large task ahead of her: twelve actors of varying shapes and sizes. No real time for fittings, just one evening spent in the shop going through things the she pulled. Little support for alterations.

As a costume designer (and now shop manager), I knew how much work she was doing, even though this was going to be low key. (Costuming is ALWAYS hard work!) As the co-writer of The California Project and the co-director and one of the idea guys, I didn’t have the opportunity to help her out, though. It was interesting to be on the other side of the table, for once.

She has since graduated from UCI, and I believe she is working in California. Which is awesome to hear.

Music I listened to while sewing: More of the Fun Home original Broadway cast recording.

How I wish I could get back to see this show and soon!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, after almost 48 hours on the Oregon coast, I can say that Oregon really is a beautiful state. It was weird to think, as my dog and I were driving down the coast yesterday that *I* live here and I could see the sights like that whenever I got the opportunity to drive away from Portland.

I can’t believe I’ve been in Oregon for almost 11 months, and my entire experience has practically been the ten block radius around my apartment and the theater.

There is so much left to explore and discover and enjoy and learn about here.

Thank God for quick, impromptu vacations.

Thank God for cars and being able to get away.

Thank God for opportunity. (A year ago I was opening a show in suburban Arkansas with no security at all in any sense of the word and now I’m HERE?)

Thank God for parents.

Thank God for beaches that aren’t crowded.

Thank God for nature.

Thank God for The Dog, who is my best friend here and seems content to be that for me.

Thank God for the feeling that my opportunities haven’t ended and that more is yet to come.

Okay, it’s Friday and I’m going to the gym. I think.

Until later.


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