Block 687: June 10, 2015


Today, I’m off to the Oregon Coast for the first time!

Two day vacation!

Date: June 10, 2015

Crane: 687

Days Spent on Project: 841

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Glenn M. B.

When Vinnie and I had our final Skype “production meeting,” there were two UCI students sitting with me on my end, and a whole room full of student designers and artists in California. We, in New York, were enjoying a dark and rainy night. The people in California were enjoying a cool and warm night.

On the other end, thanks to technology, I was introduced to Glenn. He was a student focusing in set design.

Although the goal of a FULL production would have been really well thought out, detail-oriented, specific locations with props and pieces, we couldn’t afford that with a budget of nothing. We would have to use what we had available to us at UCI (if we could sweet talk people into letting us borrow things). As much as a fully immersive setting would have been awesome and impressive, we couldn’t tackle it. Glenn was a student with other commitments. We had no funds. And we were, in order to make this happen, using outdoor spaces at the university. (Maybe we should have been a little more difficult and picked indoors locations… just to see what would have happened?)

What Glenn could manage with our limitations was pretty brilliant. He made “show specific” and character specific shrines in specific locations where a bulk of our action/plot happened. What was even greater was that some of the shrines appeared in their locations after we got the audience following us. These shrines, with their cheap electric tea lights and trinkets and vaguely ambiguous eclectic props, seemed to appear out of nowhere. As the evening progressed- in the 45-50 minutes that we staged- the sky darkened and the shrines flickered with their electrically made lights. It was actually great.

Next time, we learned the design has to be more of a thought out and central character. I think I’m in love with this genre because DESIGN- all the disciplines including scent and smell design- have to be so thought out.

I’m glad we had Glenn’s ambition and enthusiasm for the project. He’s out in California now, working on his own projects, I believe.

Music I listened to while sewing: More Fun Home.

I wish I could get back to New York to see it.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Today, The Dog is going to the beach. Can’t wait to see him react to it.

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