Block 686: June 9, 2015


I may have just bought a blue French Bulldog cookie holder online for my office at work.

Because I’m THAT person with his French Bulldog.

Date: June 9, 2015

Crane: 686

Days Spent on Project: 840

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: That rainy weekday evening, when Vinnie and I had scheduled another transcontinental Skype Meeting for what would become The California Project, two UCI students- visiting New York City- came to my apartment to Skype together. They had just seen a performance of Sleep No More days before; they were vaguely aware of what immersive theater could be. They seemed excited to work on something like it, even if it were minuscule in comparison and an experiment more than anything.

One of those students- Karli- had volunteered quickly a while back in California. She would work with a group of four sound designers to put together a sound scape and a technical plan to make the vision happen.

The other student- Christopher R.- was busy with other commitments in the school. But he wanted to be a part of the process, or watch from the sidelines if nothing else.

For a while, I assumed because he was with Karli that he was a design student as well. But, no, he was an actor in that undergrad program. That first meeting, as we Skyped ideas and questions back and forth, Chris sat there, seemingly soaking it in. When I got to California a few weeks later, Chris was around to see of what we were doing, but he wasn’t able to be a large part of the work.

I believe he’s now finished studying at UCI. He’s performing (directing maybe?) in an original musical at the Hollywood Fringe, which I learned what written up in Time Out. Good for him!

Music I listened to while sewing: The Original Broadway Cast Recording of Fun Home.

It’s really so so so so good.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Another very very very warm day here in Portland. We’ll see what kind of trouble I get into today with my parents…

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