Block 671: May 25, 2015


Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

Date: May 25, 2015

Crane: 671

Days Spent on Project: 825

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Chris S.

When I flew to Los Angeles, for the quick weekend vacation in November 2013, Dave had planned my first night there to be an introduction to West Hollywood. We went to dinner at one restaurant, went to a bar where I stood next to a former child TV celebrity and sipped Margaritas, then we hopped to the Abbey, then ended up at a fourth bar.

The next morning was a bit rough, to be mild.

As some of Dave’s friends me up with us, the evening got a little more frenetic and fun. West Hollywood was fun!

Chris S. was one of the group, someone who seemed to be a close friend of Dave’s.

Fast forward five months, to April 2014. I had taken a very early flight from JFK to Los Angeles, once again, but this time on business. I was scheduled to workshop a small project with a colleague at the University of California Irvine. Being such a low budget affair, I bought my own plane ticket out there this time, but Dave still offered his couch to me as a home base for over two weeks. I arrived in LA around 11am, not having slept very much the night before, but was swept up in the day’s errand list immediately.

Dave took me shopping- for him- for new summer clothes. Chris met us at a mall, we shopped, I drank coffee, we shopped more, and then we had some drinks.

Remember how the November LA trip had convinced me that maybe there was a reason to leave New York and its daily grind. Well, I was starting to admit it to a few, select people. Over Margaritas (surprise), this time Dave and Chris admitted they were looking to move too.

But to New York.

The two of them, soon after my transition away from New York to Portland, OR, would pack up their belongings and move to my former city. From what I understand, they’re both in love with it. They have apartments in areas they love. They had friends to ground them. They’re able to take vacations, go out, live, and enjoy the city.

I’m actually, and to be petty, jealous. I’ve admitted to Dave that I wish I had had the strength to make that city work for me. I know I’m a strong person. What I know I needed, what I know I lacked, but would never admit in a public conversation, was money. New York is awesome and amazing… when you have little responsibilities, when you have money, when you have work.

I’m glad the two of them made their own kind of transition.

Music I Listened to while sewing: Today, it was back to the Atmospheric Calm playlist on Spotify. Nothing in particular has jumped out to me today, but it’s something.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: It’s one of those mornings where I feel compelled to do ALL THE THINGS and stay busy and be proactive.

Then I remember it’s Memorial Day, technically a holiday, so why not slow down for 24 hours?

What’s the rush?

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