Block 662: May 16, 2015


Sitting in tech rehearsal on this Saturday morning, and I’m struck by the thought that, at 36 years old, I’m neither young nor old. I’m neither green nor experienced. I’m really in a middle, possibly on the cusp of something. Don’t you think?

Date: May 16, 2015

Crane: 662

Days Spent on Project: 816

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: After the rewarding experience of the Oh, Liza web-series, and then the potentially “educational” one of the Artistically Challenged web-series, I was asked by chance to design a third one. This was to happen in early February 2014. It was an entire “season,” 6 episodes, to be filmed in three or four days… meaning We’d need to be 1.25 episodes A DAY.

That’s difficult. Even in a one location shoot. The number of angles and scenes were ambitious. I think we kinda got it there.

I was contacted by my friend Diana B., who I knew from Chicago but had moved to New York City a few years back. She was now working with a production company right off of Times Square. She and her boss were trying to create an online channel (a network of sorts) for filmed content that was somehow connected to the Broadway community. The person who wrote this particular web-series was the Associate Director of the recently opened show- Beautiful the Carol King Broadway show. He was also to direct and be the main star of the series.

First, let’s thank the woman in charge of it all, the woman who was spearheading the endeavor.

Her name was Ondine A.

She’s a great power of a woman. A good leader. She’s got ambition and drive and command.

To cut expenses for the shoot, we filmed the web-series at her house in New Jersey. (That was a huge inconvenience, understandably, with all the insanity of that shooting schedule.)

That network is still around. I know it’s only been a year since its launch, but Ondine and Diana are still producing work.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’m sitting in tech for this show… an actor just called for his line.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I have to reiterate to myself…

That even though I moved across the country to Portland- maybe even because of it- my life wasn’t over. My life isn’t over. My life- despite moving across the country to Portland or maybe even because of it- my life WASN’T over.

My life has evolved. And it will continue to evolve.

If I want to. I can settle into this city and this job and never strive to design or create again.

Or I can strive to design and create.

And that may be here. It may be elsewhere.

Maybe some other opportunity will present itself that won’t involve designing as I’ve done it before. Or creation. Who knows…

It’s imperative to keep moving right now. It’s important to keep myself engaged in life and the world, what it shows me and what it opens for me.

And what I open for myself.

Keep striving.

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