Block 659: May 13, 2015


And our last round of tech rehearsals begin today. Can’t believe we’ve done 11 shows in 9 months.

So ready for the summer break.

Date: May 13, 2015

Crane: 569

Days Spent on Project: 813

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Charles J.

When I had dropped off the costumes I designed (better to say purchased or styled, perhaps, given the fluid nature of the collaboration) for the last dance piece I did at Rutgers, I was scheduled to leave for LA very early the next morning to start working on The California Project.

I was quickly walking the mile and a bit back from Rutgers to the New Brunswick train station to catch the 4 Oh Something train back to Penn Station. I was on the phone while talking, with my focus down, when I ran across a pile of dollar bills. Twenties, in fact.

It was $80.

Strangely, I was taking a car service to JFK early in the morning. It would cost $80 with tip. I was a little broke. This seemed more than a little fortuitous.

I kept walking, kept talking. When I got to the train station, I waited until the train was arriving to end the call. I boarded. To kill time, I checked my email; I saw that Charles J. had emailed.

He’s the manager at City Quilter in New York. A gentleman had come to he shop a few days prior and left a package for me, saying that he wanted to make an in-kind and anonymous donation to my A Thousand Quilted Cranes Project. Charles was given the task of finding me online, emailing me, and making arrangements to get the donation to me. I think it was another fortuitous stroke of luck that I got this email while I was sitting on a train heading to Penn Station, which is about five blocks away from City Quilter, about 12 hours before I was to leave New York City for Los Angeles and then a month in Arkansas.

So, thank you for reaching out to me, Charles J.

I still haven’t used the donation. In the end, I think I’m keeping it as a part of the story of this project.

Music I Listened to while sewing: I’m sitting in tech rehearsal right now. We’re listening to jack hammers and construction sounds in the theater.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I spent the night “off” yesterday. I didn’t read Twyla Tharp’s next book… The Collaborative Habit… even though I want to dive into it, I chose not to. Going into tech, I wanted to make sure I let my head vegetate before the next few days of long-ish hours.

Thinking back, I don’t consider my failure to make my (first?) attempt at living in New York work a BAD thing. It just was. What would have been a failure is to cling onto the idea that THAT attempt was working. It wasn’t. It really wasn’t.

Between my attitude towards myself, my work, my life, etc… something about it wasn’t working and the best thing I could have done was to cut myself away from whatever it was that was causing things to sink.

So, Portland, whatever I think or feel about you; the strangeness, the new-ness, the differences between NYC and Portland was needed. Nothing like “forcing” a readjustment by starting completely over.

It will be interesting to see what comes next. What I can make happen.

I could totally become That Guy who works on my projects in my apartment and doesn’t seek out exterior stimulation from others. Not quite a recluse, but someone focused solely on my work and my desires now. But I think I need to find that balance between my work and my dreams and my projects and myself and finding a way to bring other people in… that might be able to help make things happen.

Goals for now.

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