Block 654: May 8, 2015


Friday. Thankful for Friday.

We open one show tonight. We open our final, the eleventh show in two weeks. I am so ready to wind this up and have a (relaxing) summer at work. (My fingers are crossed.)

Date: May 8, 2015

Crane: 654

Days Spent on Project: 808

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Batya F.

Batya was another person who volunteered their time to work on Oh, Liza, the web-series I designed almost two years ago. The strange thing was, in another example of how small the theater universe really is, she was brought on board by my friend Ellie H. because she had been one of her students at the Cherubs Program (the National High School Institute) at Northwestern University years ago. In fact, I had worked with her in the costume shop that summer. I had even costumed her for her production (Urinetown). I even have a huge picture of her on my online portfolio.

So, re-meeting her, and working with her again, was nice. It was good to see that she was still working towards a career in theater. She worked incredibly hard to make sure that project got put together, and that all the bits and pieces that needed to happen happened.

She came to the project from Baltimore, MD. She is now back in Baltimore, MD and it would be interesting to catch up with her after the past few weeks.

Music I listened to while sewing: The Flaming Lips today!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I have a dentist appointment today, which I’m simultaneously excited for and terrified of… I haven’t had dental insurance since I left grad school. So, I’m sure I’m in for a treat this afternoon.

Pray for me.

In other words, as I head into the weekend, I have big plans to get to the gym, sew more Cranes (2 more weeks of tech rehearsals before the end!), hang out with my dog, and work on The California Project.

I’ve got magic to do.

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