Block 652: May 6, 2015


Wednesday! Only 12 more days until my shop’s contract for the season ends. I think we’re all ready to put this season to bed and move onto another.

My second year here will be interesting. Have I directed any kind of change this year?

Date: May 6, 2015

Crane: 652

Days Spent on Project: 806

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Moving on from my experiences with the Lincoln Center Lab of 2013… The next project I agreed to design was a “small” web-series, written by two young women, directed by my friend Ellie H., and production designed by Paul D.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant. There was no money to buy any clothes; anything worn in the shoot would have to come from all the actors’s own closets. There would be no fee, which meant I wanted to keep my involvement down a bit so I could concentrate on the work that would pay.

But it was actually a great experience. All the “principal” actors I worked with understood that this was a low budget approach to film production. I set up meetings (in person, by phone, or email) with all the actors to discuss what I thought the character might own, wear, like, gravitate towards in a mall. They brought in options or took pictures for me to look at. We all agreed together. The process, because of its “here we go!” attitude was really collaborative and supportive. In the end, I actually liked the web-series.

In case you’re interested.

So, the first person to thank for that experience would be Kaitlin S., who played Liza and is one half of the creative team who wrote the screenplays and got the funding to produce it.

She recently (within the past year), did what I did: she left New York, but for Los Angeles. I don’t know what caused that move, but I believe that things are sunny for her there.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’m still looking to juice my creativity a bit, so I’ve got Alexander McQueen runway shows playing on Youtube. Currently listening to Michael Nyman’s score (from “The Piano”) that was used with 2006’s Widows of Culloden.

I used this runway show as a springboard for the costumes worn in that hypothetical Miss Julie I was supposed to do before I came to Portland. I still hope that show happens… My drawings were good, and I thought the clothes were interesting.

Who knows about the adaptation…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I know this may seem ridiculous, but I only have 348 more Cranes to go.

That is simultaneously sobering (so many!) and exciting (so close!).

But what’s the next step in this project?

One thought on “Block 652: May 6, 2015

  1. i’m at the Home Machine Quilting Show — you just might have to explore quilting them up yourself!!! 🙂

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