Block 641: April 25, 2015


I had my first Portland brunch today with friends and I think I get it, why Portland Brunch is different than NYC Brunch.

It’s not a scene.

I mean, it really is about going out with your friends and having a casual meal of whatever you like and staying for as long as you like. It’s actually casual. It’s an event, but not An Event.

Date: April 25, 2015

Crane: 641

Days Spent on Project: 795

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Working through that outdoor Shakespeare production… I’d say the next person I’d have to thank would be Michelle P. (I have to apologize upfront. I think that’s her name. So much of this one show seems like a distant, unnecessary memory at this point.)

I first worked with Michelle not even weeks before, when she and I were working together as assistants on an Opera in midtown for a now defunct opera company. She was still in college, and needing work and experience. I was helping out my friend Sydney, who was the lead/head assistant to the designer. (Remember this was the opera company that refused to pay me after I’d worked with them… insisting that I was always meant to be an unpaid intern.)

Michelle had a really great work ethic about it all, and she was also someone who was learning the city and got stuff done.

Because of that work ethic, and because she was looking for more experience, I asked her to apply to help me with this Outdoor Shakespeare Production. I recommended her to the producer. He still needed to interview her. She was hired.

I needed her help, and she did all the work that I asked her to.

I was glad to have her around, and glad to get a few more weeks with her that summer. I was less than happy with what the experience became. Things weren’t ideal, like they seldom are.

Looking back, getting experience is awesome, but I don’t think it should be attained for free. A subway ticket isn’t enough for the things we sometimes ask our “interns” to do.

Music I listened to while sewing: Spotify is shufflin’, shufflin’ through my favorites.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m starting to enjoy this idea of weekends and what they mean… they’re time for ME. (And my dog.)

There’s a certain freedom that comes with the realization that work is just Work and it isn’t your Life or your Purpose, you know? As much as I wanted this job to be creatively inspiring, let’s face it: that’s most likely not going to happen. And I’m okay with that, tentatively. I just have to find my other ways to express myself and do the creative work I want to do. Because this theater won’t give me the chance, that doesn’t mean my work goals are dead and done. It’s just another reason to keep looking, keep working towards the goal.

So, for now, take this for what it is: a job.

And make time for things that are better, more inspiring, more creative on the outside.

Like the weekends. Or in the evenings. Or over summer. Use all that darn vacation and sick and personal time to make your wishes happen.

I guess.

Oh, Portland.

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