Block 630: April 14, 2015


Hopefully, you’ve done your taxes!

Date: April 14, 2015

Crane: 630

Days Spent on Project: 784

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: I guess I’m at that point where I thank all the people that I connected with in Washington Heights, before I left New York City for Portland, OR…

Robert M.

Earlier in this project, I dedicated a Crane to Kevin C. I met him for the first time in the summer of 2009, when I needed to have a pair of men’s dance shoes custom made for Fela! The designer wanted us to work with Capezio; sometime in that month of June, I went up to their store on Broadway and started the conversations about what we needed and wanted for that show.

During that summer, Kevin took some time off of work to get married. I didn’t know who his husband was at the time… but now I do.

When did I meet Robert exactly? I’m not really sure. But I think one of the first times was at the Fort Tryon dog park, with our dogs. (He and Kevin have a Cairn Terrier named Arthur… I don’t remember my dog and Arthur being the best of friends, but they played together when they could.) Later, when I was asked to work on that crazy, unfortunate, show in the summer of 2013 (before I was sacked by the general manager for someone else), I rented a work space/studio from Robert. He was one of the long-standing Associate Designers on Mamma Mia!, and that production kept a large space off of 8th Avenue in the Garment District, with a large collection of old costumes from the many tours and replacement actors. Anyway, for the two weeks I “officially” worked on that interesting production, I worked in his studio space.

Robert, after I was let go, was one of the first people I saw afterwards… We were at the dog park. He was curious what had happened (so was I!), but told me some things were meant to be… It was all I could do to keep telling myself that.

Anyway, Robert worked on Mamma Mia, Evita (with Ricky Martin!), Motown, etc. He now has started working in Wardrobe. I think his last show on Broadway was Sideshow; I’m not sure which production he’s currently attached to…

Looking at his credits online, I’m struck by one thing: he didn’t have a Broadway credit from 2009 to 2013. That’s a gap of four years. I’m struck with the thought that maybe I *could* return to that. Maybe Broadway didn’t discard me for good. Sure, at this point, I’d have to claw my way back somehow from the west coast, but it *could* happen.

Music I listened to while sewing: Nothing is better than those moments when you discover a new song on the radio or Spotify or Pandora and you just put it on repeat and its newness is just makes you happy.

Yesterday, it was a song called “Blind Heart” by Cazzette. Not classy, but still fun.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Today, in the interest of looking more “Portland,” I wore a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and boots… I even cuffed my jeans above my ankle. It feels super awkward but, hey, whatever it takes to fit in here.

And I am determined to find my own creative way here in Portland. If work is just becoming work, and not something that will artistically reward me, I have to find it elsewhere.

So, I have a goal to meet all the other theater companies in this town and introduce myself and get myself in with them.

And then start my own. Maybe.

I gotta get this immersive fascination going again because why not?

Gotta have something to look forward to…

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