Block 628: April 12, 2015


Yesterday, after posting the 627th Crane, I went back to bed and slept until 5pm.


Date: April 12, 2015

Crane: 628

Days Spent on Project: 782

You know, it’s probably best that I take breaks in this project, especially when life throws me an all-consuming curve ball and needs to shift my focus elsewhere. I only have 372 more Cranes to go, and I’m starting to think I’ll run out of people to dedicate Cranes to…

So, hopefully, by taking the time I need, I’ll figure out the right people to include in this project.

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: A trip to the dog park in Fort Tryon Park quickly became routine for me and my dog. We’d usually get up by 7am, take a quick walk around the neighborhood, I’d settle in with some coffee while I worked at home on sketches or sewing or whatever project needed my attention. I was usually ready for a break around 11am.

The Dog quickly learned to expect this break, and he’d usually remind me (by waking up from his first nap and pacing around me) that it was time for another neighborhood patrol. We’d take off, and walk the 15 blocks uptown to the park.

(It amazes me here in Portland; my dog used to make that 15 block walk in 20 to 30 minutes– and he’d do it quickly– but here in Portland, my dog is content to take 40 minutes to walk around our one block and then go home and pass out again.)

One of the first people we would meet in Washington Heights was Rick B. and his dog Spencer. The second person we met at that dog park, who would become a part of our routine, was Amra-Faye W.

And, strangely, she was also involved in theatre. (I would quickly learn that so many people in that neighborhood were involved in theater somehow, and it was great to find a community there, especially after feeling like a strange creature in the tonied world of the Upper East Side that we just moved from.) She made a living playing Velma Kelly in Broadway’s Chicago and the many Chicago tours.

She also had an adorable French Bulldog puppy named Frankie, who gravitated towards my Frenchie almost immediately. It was great for my dog, and the trio of my dog, Spencer, and Frankie, made those trips to the dog park quite enjoyable.

Amra was a really fascinating and good person; I don’t know much of the specifics of her life, but I knew she was from South Africa, and she talked sometimes about her first marriage– to a farmer– which seemed mind-blowing. I’m glad to have met her.

Music I listened to while sewing: Today is LCD Soundsystem. I’ve listened to Dance Yrself Clean several times already this morning, and it’s hard for me to believe that I discovered that song while shopping in a thrift store in LA a year ago. Has it been almost a year now since I was couch-surfing in LA while doing the California Project?

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: It’s crazy to think how much my life has changed in the past year.

A year ago, I first got up the nerve to shave part of my head into a faux-hawk.

A year ago, I was getting ready to fly to LA on a whim, about to dive into something completely unknown with that workshop of the California Project at the University of Irvine.

A year ago, I was shopping for fabrics and materials for that production of Pippin in Arkansas.

A year ago, I wasn’t even aware of a job that would be opening up in May that would ultimately become mine and send me to Portland, which would change my life completely. I’m still not sure how I feel about this change, but I do admit that it’s been (mostly) positive for me.

April 2014 was the start of a big change for me… and that was a year ago. Wow.

So, in that vein, here’s a quote from Bill Watterson, creator of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.”

“You will do well to cultivate the resources in yourself that bring you happiness outside of success or failure. The truth is, most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive. At that time, we turn around and say, yes, this is obviously where I was going all along. It’s a good idea to try to enjoy the scenery on the detours, because you’ll probably take a few.”

In the past year, I’ve taken some pretty major detours and I’m learning that I need to accept them and enjoy them for what they are. This or that or they might not be permanent, but this is the path I’m on now. I have to remember I haven’t stopped moving or working towards something. This is just my Now. It’s not my Future.

Time to keep working and to make the best of this current situation.

I don’t think I’ve arrived yet, in other words, so it’s best to keep working.

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