Block 610: February 20, 2015


We’re almost to the weekend.

Date: February 20, 2015

Crane: 610

Days Spent on Project: 731

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Continuing on that ill-fated theater experience of 2012, let’s thank Kara B.

Kara was the other assistant that was brought on to work on that show. She had worked with the designer out in California, when she was a grad student and took a class with her.

She was new-ish to the city and New York. She’s still there, in fact; I once saw her wandering around the garment district in 2013. We chatted it up a bit, but then moved along. I know she’s still working as a designer, but that she also teaches somewhere outside of New York.

I have more stories and thoughts about that experience. But I’ll leave it at that.

Music I listened to while sewing: Another day in tech, which means there’s no music playing right now.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: There are moments– and I’m well aware that I think I’ve said this before– when I feel like I might eventually find my groove here in Portland.

It would just mean discarding a few things, and picking a few other things up in its place.

ONE- Buy some more furniture and move into the apartment. I haven’t bought more than a bed and a cheap sofa in the seven months I’ve lived here because a) I’m not sure my neighborhood is ideal in terms of the people I’d like to be near even though it’s super easy to get to work which is the BIG BONUS, and b) if my job was eliminated after a year, I wanted to get the hell out of dodge as cheaply as possible.

TWO- Really sign onto being a shop manager. And, this is tricky: if the theater is in cut-back mode and my shop may be put on a hiatus next year with touring shows that will take over the majority of the work, that’s not what I signed on for and it would be a reason to get back to New York or someplace else. But, if there’s a shop to manage and the workload to keep us busy (and employed), I need to really embrace the job (which I have been doing) but figure out a way to make this situation better.

Projects: get a costume stock, replace broken mannequins, buy supplies that work instead of what will make do, paint the walls, patch the holes, get the lights fixed, get the mirrors fixed, put in shelving, get patterning books, get their work schedules evened out, etc. etc. etc.

THREE- Get involved in the Portland theater community. There’s a lot of theater companies and work happening here. I need to experience more of it. If this is the way my work will be, I need to find more creative outlets.

FOUR- Embrace my hobbies like this quilting project and then my immersive theater work. It doesn’t have to stop because I moved here.

FIVE- Get to the east side of the river. Find time to explore Portland. Find a way to get out of this theater.

SIX- Figure out a way where I can get to the gym more than twice a month. Working 8-6 a day is tiring. Working 8am to midnight for a week once or twice a month is tiring. But I feel so sluggish since all I do here now is sitting down…

SEVEN- Keep going. Keep moving. Keep working.

EIGHT- Be patient.

Be patient.

One day at a time, kids.

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