Block 607: February 17, 2015


Hm. A case of the Mondays on a Tuesday.

Didn’t sleep very well last night.

Date: February 17, 2015

Crane: 607

Days Spent on Project: 728

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Last April, I think it was the 25th of April, I was traveling back from Montclair, NJ, having dropped off 18 outfits for a dance concert at Rutgers. While I was waiting for the train to arrive that afternoon, I checked my iPhone and saw I had a message from someone who introduced himself as the manager at City Quilter.

He told me that a man, whom he knew, had stopped by the store a few days prior and had wanted to make a donation to this project. Neither the manager, nor the man with the donation, knew who I was at the time, but they knew that I shopped there for my fabric.

Thanks to the internet, they found out my name, found my online portfolio, and the email address I use for design questions.

Since I was taking the NJ Transit back to Penn Station, City Quilter was just a few blocks down from me. It would be an easy walk for me to go there and pick up whatever this donation was.

When I got there, and got the envelope, it was a very pleasant surprise. If anything, regardless of how I feel while I do this project or while I live my life, it’s nice to get the sense that other people are with me on it. I guess that reaffirms why I started the A Thousand Quilted Cranes Project, to remind myself that I’m not alone Here.

The donation was a very pleasant, and thoughtful gift. I haven’t used it yet. I repackaged it, and put it with my sewing supplies. I’m still struck by the generosity of it all.

The next morning, I left for LA to work on The California Project, which was followed by a month in Arkansas working on Pippin, which was then followed by this job offer and then the move to Portland.

I never figured out who made the donation with all the things that started to happen during those following three months, so I’ll send this one to Anonymous.


Music I listened to while sewing: I was listening to Madonna this morning when I was sewing. Now, in the shop, I’m listening to a random Pandora station that seems to be stuck on commercials.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I feel like I have so much work, such a mountain to climb, ahead of me here.

I’ve got to just keep thinking ahead to a goal here.

I’ve got to set boundaries.

I’ve got to think of ways to get my creative outlet, my creative fix, elsewhere here.

It’s strange to think that theater is now my job and I need to treat it as such… do it during the day, and go home to do something else.

That’s not what I expected when I moved out here.


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