Block 606: February 16, 2015


President’s Day, and I actually get today off!

Date: February 16, 2015

Crane: 606

Days Spent on Project: 727

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Corinne P.

Corinne is the wife of my friend Sharath, whom I’ve known since grad school. (I met him back in 2003, so we’re going on 12 years of friendship, which seems crazy.)

I first met Corinne in New York, at the Yale Club, at the annual Yale School of Drama Holiday Party back in December 2009. I knew my friend Sharath had a new girlfriend, and so it was nice and good to meet her. It was good to see him happy. The three of us connected at the “afterparty” that was happening at a Mexican restaurant around the corner from the Yale Club. We had a lot of Margaritas, in the tradition of Viva Zapatas in New Haven and Fridays long gone and long forgotten.

Corinne moved out west, to Portland, and Sharath went with… shifting his design work away from New York for her.

They were married back in 2013, I think.

Corinne now works in Portland with several of the theater companies in town, managing and working with them to keep them on track and on schedule. I’m glad to know her, and I’m really glad the two of them are in town!

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got Madonna on again today. No apologies.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Thankful for a day off.

Thankful for the weather here. It’s 59 degrees currently and sunny; I’m not frequently glad to have left New York behind, but this weather is making me miss it less.

And, thankful for the weekend to think about the job opportunity back out east. I’m still debating what to do about it… I want to keep my New York contacts and make more and stay a presence, but I’m not sure I want to sour my negotiations for next season’s labor and workload over two and a half months in Massachusetts.

And thankful to have had last night free, so I could go out with a few friends (Sharath and Corinne), who aren’t connected my job at all but can understand what I’m dealing with on the inside of the building.

And thankful for opportunities that might exist here… if I work a little harder.

I have a lot of work to do here.

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