Block 604: February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Date: February 14, 2015

Crane: 604

Days Spent on Project: 725

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: So, you know, I’ll just put this one out there even though I’ve never met this person, nor do I think I will unless my current life trajectory changes.

I’d like to send this one off to Felix B.

He’s the man who spearheaded the development of a theater company that would eventually become Punchdrunk, the company that developed Sleep No More.

And, before you all roll your eyes and wonder when I’ll stop fan-boying over that show, I’ll explain why. Briefly.

I admire how he was intrigued by an idea and set out to tell a story in a new way, placing an expectation on the audience while also crafting that experience FOR the audience. Yeah, promenade or site-specific or immersive theater didn’t begin with him (you could also make the case that Robert Wilson & Hans Peter Kuhn’s collaboration with ArtAngel called HG inspired Barrett to work in this style of theater), but that it’s something that he’s worked on for over a decade and that it’s taken off and become a “new” style of theater with fans the world over is incredibly impressive.

That it’s something that sticks with me and shapes my opinion of the shows I work on now is a testament to what I felt when I saw Sleep No More those ten times back in New York.

I’m not even one of their biggest fans. Trust me.

But, I find the style and the work and the thought and possibility behind it all incredibly impressive and inspiring. It’s bold. It’s unbelievable that it happens… especially when you think about how hard it is to mount a “traditional” play in a “traditional” setting like a theater with seats.

Jeez. I’ll call him brilliant for his dedication and for thinking (literally) out of the box that theater sits in. I’ll call him brilliant for leading a group of people to do this work.

I’ve been in the same room with him. I’ve stood feet away from him. I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself, and I wish (I WISH) I had… not that I had the opportunity, but I could have made it.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got Madonna’s album MDNA on this morning.

I really like Madonna, which is cliched (sure), but I’m always surprised how much I do.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Yesterday was an odd day… in the fact that things seemed to be moving along and going somewhere.

Not only did I get a potential job offer (that I’m not sure is something I could do without severing this whole experience in Portland for good) but several people from New York also tried to get a hold of me. That felt great.

I got things done throughout the day. I went home and had a relaxing evening for once. I slept in until 8am. I’m not going to do work today, or even head into the theater.

It’s sunny. It’s 50 degrees.

So, today feels mostly good right now.

Fingers crossed.

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