Block 597: February 6, 2015



Since nothing is going on in the shop today (at all… half of everyone seems to have already taken today off!), we’ve decided we’re leaving at lunch.

Best Manager ever.

Date: February 6, 2015

Crane: 597

Days Spent on Project: 717

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Alice A.

Alice was yet another one of the people that I gravitated towards and hung out with at that Sleep No More Halloween party.

She was another young actress in New York City; I gathered that she also recently finished an acting program somewhere. NYU? The New School?

She had a great English accent.

Months later, despite having Facebook friended each other and then consequently not being in touch like happens with so many people you “work with” in theater, I saw Alice… on the front page of the New York Times Art section. She was cast as one of the principal characters in a production at The Flea downtown. I didn’t know she had auditioned and joined The Bats (the group of young actors “apprenticing” with the company), but she had. I like the work at The Flea and I like The Bats, in theory. But, they remain unpaid actors who are tasked with performing “tasks” at the theater, like janitorial services and house management and paperwork and filing and so on as a way to “pay their dues.” For exposure. A group of the actors in the show at The Flea were being interviewed about that.

Don’t you want to be paid? Do you like it that much? Will this lead to anything?

I haven’t heard from her since.

It’s good to remember that article, at times like this, when I’m thinking about how “great” New York was. New York could take advantage of you because it knew that someone would jump at the chance to replace you, and they’d be willing to do it for less pay. Or no pay. New York isn’t about being fair or equitable or providing opportunity either. It’s a great city, yes, but you really have to be strong enough to figure out a way to care for yourself, protect yourself, and survive.

I think about Alice often.

Music I listened to while sewing: I have no idea what we’re listening to in the shop, but it could be the music from Ken Burns’ Jazz documentary.

And I love that.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Last night, at midnight, I started to write my manifesto about WHY I want to do Immersive Theater, and why I keep thinking it’s something I need and want to explore.

I figure… since I’m here… and I need more creative outlets… let’s pursue what I feel I need to. No one else is going to give me the opportunity; I need to make it.

Anyway, TGIF. Even though I’ll be working this weekend, TGIF.

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