Block 596: February 5, 2015


Today I woke up to a very nice email. It’s sometimes nice to be remembered.

Date: February 5, 2015

Crane: 596

Days Spent on Project: 716

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Renata Z.

Renata was yet another one of the people involved in that Sleep No More Halloween Party back in 2013.

She was another young actress, living in New York. I believe she was originally from Russia. I never asked where she came from, but I always imagined she was from Russia. I believe she speaks Russian. But I also think she speaks Spanish.

Anyway, back in 2013, when we were used as a supporting cast, she was asked to have a slightly more prominent role in the production that started the party. In the end, it didn’t mean too much. They gave her a costume so she fit in with some of the Sleep No More performers, and she was asked to help “prepare the space,” to set the mood, to be a presence.

Afterwards, of course, she was amongst the group of us that danced for a very long time.

Of the large group of people involved in the supporting cast, looking back, there did seem to be a group of us who clung together… we had no idea what we were involved in, but it was great.

Music I listened to while sewing: My dog is at work again today– the fourth day this week– so, I’m listening to him snore loudly.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Thursday.

So close to the weekend. Another day where there’s not much of anything going on in the theater. I almost thought the building was closed this morning… no one showed up on time.

I think we’re all waiting for something.

Went to the gym again last night. Watched some TV. Went to bed.

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