Block 595: February 4, 2015


Wednesday. Today. Only today.

Date: February 4, 2015

Crane: 595

Days Spent on Project: 715

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: I’m just gonna keep going with the Sleep No More stuff. It’s wickedly out of chronological order, possibly maybe, but that’s where I am.

So, another one of the people that I met as we “rehearsed” towards that Halloween Party back in October of 2013 was a guy named Jose P.

When I first saw him, at that first informal gathering in October, I recognized him immediately. Previously that year, in June 2013, I was given a comp ticket to go to a summer party at the McKittrick. I would call it a lesser party perhaps; the evening consisted of gathering for a picnic held in one of their indoor spaces with lots of free booze, a small show, and then more drinks on the roof of the building, and then music and dancing late into the night. (I went by myself that evening. I couldn’t convince any of my friends to get a ticket. I was “placed” with two guys- brothers. One lived in Brooklyn; the other was visiting from Hawaii. I think they were there to meet ladies. I didn’t hang out with them for very long.)

Anyway, Jose was one of the supporting cast members that night. He wandered around during the first half of the evening, serving drinks on top of drinks. Later, he was involved minimally in the show they performed.

For the Halloween party (and then again when we “worked together” for the New Year’s Eve party), Jose was one of the “fun ones.” I, along with a lot of others, gravitated towards him.

He had moved to New York within the past few years. A young actor- maybe 25?- he talked about being on television where he was from. I didn’t recognize him. I still haven’t googled him to see if his story was completely true.

He and I were singled out, luckily, during that Halloween party along with two other actresses to be slightly more involved with the production that was set to happen. It didn’t mean much, just being incorporated into the night’s events more specifically. But it was a lot of fun.

Afterwards, when the supporting cast for the New Year’s Eve party was re-assembled for the New Year’s Eve party, Jose was the first person I ran into. It was great to see him. I’m not sure how much we would have gotten along outside that building, but he was a really fun person. Everyone in that building, once they enter, was fun.

What is it about that space?

Music I listened to while sewing: Everyone in the shop is working on personal projects today. I’m about to start reading a book for fun. My dog is passed out on the floor.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Each night I talk to friends in Chicago on Facebook. We talk a lot about what shows they’re working on and what’s keeping them busy.

They’re all intrigued with the idea that I’m running a shop in Portland.

They’re all asking why I didn’t move to Chicago.

I think about that a lot these days.

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