Block 592: February 1, 2015


Super Bowl Sunday. Or as I call it, another Sunday.

Date: February 1, 2015

Crane: 592

Days Spent on Project: 712

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Evan.

Or at least I think his name is Evan.

Back in 2011, when I had some down time in my schedule and was feeling pretty confident in my New York-ness (I had just finished working on my third Broadway-bound musical, after all, and was living on the Upper East Side and was enjoying my time with my amazing French Bulldog!), I was having a spell of devout “I need a boyfriend” pursuits.

Evan was one such guy that I met, back in maybe January or February of that year. We met at Grey Dog in Chelsea, had a meal, and spent some time talking. In the most absurd ways did we make a connection; he was a professed fan of Elfriede Jelnik, and I mentioned that I starred in the world premiere of one of her plays in New Haven and then travelled to South Korea to remount that production. So, random certainly, but because of that I got a date.

He had recently moved to New York for work. He was starting a blog project of his very own- he wanted to work on his photography hobby and would post on picture everyday that seemed best to describe that day. He was getting into New York.

The date didn’t turn into anything. I wouldn’t see him in person again.

Fast forward to late 2011 (when the world had seemingly changed– was seemingly changing– in a lot of ways for me), when I happened to discover Sleep No More. Over the few weeks after that first week, I became the weird person in my group of friends who couldn’t stop thinking about it, and kept wanting to revisit it or introduce it to other people; I maintained that there was something exciting and important about the form of it all. Sure, debate the story all you want, but the way they’ve deconstructed and then reconstructed a show and made it an experience, gets me.

I wasn’t the only person struck by the show. And I’m not the most fervently struck person out there.

Evan, it turns out, had started another blog/tumblr dedicated to the show, and his fascination with it. It’s become fairly popular– even if he doesn’t post about the show or visit it as often as he used to– and people consider him to be one of the first (of the pioneers) to cultivate the internet fan base that has grown around that show.

I’ve been in touch with Evan since- mainly through Tumblr and Twitter and email- and always about the show and its presence. I don’t think he would have ever put two and two together that I’m that guy from the winter of 2011.

Music I listened to while sewing: I just discovered someone named Jessie J.


Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I didn’t go into the theater today. I made a conscious effort not to, to avoid that building, and I’m actually more than a little happy about it.

But, in other ways, how sad is that? That theater is now becoming something I try to avoid…

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