Block 571: January 8, 2015


I feel like we’re getting out of the woods here.

Date: January 8, 2015

Crane: 571

Days Spent on Project: 689

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Roberta H.

I met Roberta back in the summer of 2011, when I had started working on the regional (off-Broadway try-out maybe?) of Newsies at Paper Mill Playhouse. Roberta is a freelance draper and costume maker. She works out of Connecticut, but she works with a lot of regional theaters in the area and with designers and some larger shops in New York.

When she was hired for Newsies (at Paper Mill), she built our female lead’s costumes. I would later run into her several times at Eric W.’s costume shop on a few other productions. The last time I worked with her, she built two Elizabethan gowns for Gertrude in a production of Hamlet with the Acting Company in New York.

Something I’m more aware of these days, now that I’m in Portland, is the amount of “creative” people gathered in that metropolitan area. There are so many people in New York with that skill set- that know how to build clothes, that want to build clothes, that work in theater, that have worked in theater.

You had options.

If I needed things built, it was a question of… which shop could handle this the best? Which shop had the availability? Which would be the most cost-appropriate? Which shop did I want to see everyday.

I wish there were more options here. I’m finding some that I’m starting to trust. I’ve got to figure out a way to keep them with me, investing in them so we can start a good working relationship.

Music I listened to while sewing: Again, I’m sitting in tech rehearsal right now… I’m listening to some acting going on.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: So, I think I mentioned a little bit ago that one of my colleagues from grad school is moving to Portland this month to accept a job at Reed College. I don’t know when she arrives, but I do know she’s taking classes this upcoming semester.

Thanks to Facebook, I just read that another one of my good friends is leaving New York to take a job teaching… at a university in Connecticut.

A lot of my friends are leaving New York.

If… IF… *IF*… I were to go back to New York, it would not be the same city I left not even six months ago.

New York is so much about movement, progressing, not looking back but plowing forward. It’s all about change. It’s not about good or better, it’s just about the need to keep going on.

And when you get off that ride, it doesn’t stop to acknowledge that it’s one less soul lighter.

It just keeps going.

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