Block 557: December 22, 2014


Nine days left in 2014.

Date: December 22, 2014

Crane: 557

Days Spent on Project: 672

Person I would have sent it to: When you jump into the fray, and hope to start the next great blogging sensation, it’s recommended that you plug the blog wherever you can… in the interest of “traffic.” One way to (possibly) increase visibility of your blog is to get yourself a Twitter account and start to post links of your blog entries, all the while friending people, retweeting people’s tweets, favoriting those tweets, and so on.

Anything to draw attention to yourself, right?

So, one such person that I found was Kevin D.

He was writing blogs about theater and musical theater. He remains someone I vaguely keep in touch with through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram; yet another one of the many people who are a presence in my life without every physically being a part of my life. When I have a question about a musical (maybe once or twice), I reach out to him to get his thoughts.

He’s an avid fan of musical theater, and the magic it can create. Whenever a recording is released or a show opens, he has an opinion and it’s always based in intelligent thought, rather than superficial ploys. I guess.

He’s a great proponent of musical theater, Broadway, New York Theater, music, singing, piano playing. And that’s pretty spectacular.

Music I listened to while sewing: “Hung Up” by Madonna. That is such a good song!

Reminds me of fall 2005, my third and last year at the Yale School of Drama… I listened to it all the time in the studio, and loved hearing it at all the parties we had.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Just went to a quick little holiday party for work. It was held in the main lobby.

You know what I find interesting? The “people on top” weren’t there.

I do find that interesting.

I guess that potentially will happen at any office-holiday party, but really? Is that normal? Should it be?

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