Block 555: December 20, 2014


Hard time doing this today.

Date: December 20, 2014

Crane: 555

Days Spent on Project: 670

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: I’m having a real hard time thinking of someone today.

Well, I guess if we go back to 2011, and move chronologically forward, I should thank some people associated with my first blog.

Sometime in early 2011, I got the foolish idea– to kill a little time maybe– that I would start a blog, and discuss my life (anonymously) as a theater artist living in New York City. The goal was to write something about New York, about theater, about something I witnessed, to write something daily and put it up on the internet… I don’t remember if I thought anyone would find it, follow it, or care about it, but I thought it would be an interesting endeavor. Plus, it would be something else to do. My friend Alison, over dinner one night, encouraged me to start. Why not?

I think, in the end, I wrote about a year’s worth of posts. After that, I put it to bed, forgetting about it purposefully and hoping it would fade away and get run over on the internet super highway.

Sometimes it was a good thing. Most of the time it was a mediocre thing, with nothing really big behind it. Other times, it was an angry thing.

But I did make some friends because of it.

One of whom was a published author. I don’t know how I found her blog, or if she found mine first, but we became comment buddies, reading and responding to each other’s daily posts. She was working as a freelance writer, and was documenting what it was like after the economic recession, when a lot of her work dried up. She had recently written a book about getting a survival job at a mall selling clothes, which she was plugging and discussing a lot. I found a copy at the Strand, read it quickly, and congratulated her on it.

We talked about freelance, living in New York, Alexander McQueen, theater. At one point, she thought she might be able to visit New York and said we should get coffee. That meeting never happened.

Anyway, let’s say today’s Crane is for Caitlin K, my blogging buddy.

Music I listened to while sewing: My dog is being extremely audible in the next room. Tonight, it’s a combination of snoring, snorting, gurgling, burping, and licking his lips. And sighing. He’s had a frustrating day with all this rain.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m not really in the mood for much of anything.

I did four loads of laundry. I returned more clothes from the show I’m designing. I got rained on. A lot.

And now I’m eating peanut butter from the jar, so that’s how I really feel today.

4 thoughts on “Block 555: December 20, 2014

  1. Hello, I’ve been following for a little while and I want to say your blog and your project has inspired me on many levels. You commitment to blogging for one, has been inspiring. I’m stumbling through my third or fourth attempt and trying to keep it going while also making it worth something. I have no sewing ability, or interest, but your project is beautiful to me both in the way it it sharing gratitude and in the challenge of such a crazy goal! I have been wanting to do some similar project for myself because it might reveal a lot of my nature, the nature of creativity and discipline, and might reveal more about the world and others as well. I will find my project eventually and will add a major dose of thankfulness to others as you have in yours. I’ve been wanting to leave you a message for a while, and after reading today’s post, I thought today would be a good day. Keep going. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for the kind words and encouragement! You know, when I started this back in early 2013, I don’t really think I understood how hard this project was going to get. Yes, at first, piecing the crane pattern was a little confusing and time consuming, but it’s now something I can do fairly easily (practice pays off!). Yet, the real aspect of this project- thanking one person for each crane for A THOUSAND CRANES- remains the slightly sobering and challenging part. I have no idea how this project will end (will it take me years to thank 1000 people?) or what the end product will look like (but I have an idea), but it’s really something I can’t stop now. I think it’s got a life that I can’t control anymore, which is interesting.

      Hope you find your project! I think everyone has something like this in them!

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