Block 554: December 19, 2014


So so so very behind today. Ugh.

Date: December 19, 2014

Crane: 554

Days Spent on Project: 669

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Something current… today will be for Olivia N.

Olivia is an actress from New York, currently in Portland and acting in the show I’m designing for work. She’s got the “smallest” part in the show, only needing two costumes, which should be easy to do, right?

This character has actually been really difficult for me. I couldn’t find my way in through the design process; research was difficult to hunt for because I couldn’t pinpoint the feel of her, the look of her, the reason for her. The director seemingly didn’t have a direction either; most of our conversations revolved back to the solution: we’ll know her when we cast her.

And that’s what happened. I gathered a rack full of clothes for Olivia to try on, but started today’s fitting by admitting that I thought she was the trickiest character design-wise. She walks a line between normalcy and stereotype and idea and cliche, maybe? Push her in any one direction and she becomes one note, reduced to a gag. How do you make her real?

And, so, with that admission, Olivia and I spent the next hour talking and ultimately trying on four outfits that seemed like good starts. By the end of the day, she and I had both seen something in the work that felt right, like a direction to go in. My original idea seemed too 50%, too middle of the road; now I feel like I made a choice.

So, for Olivia today, I’ll have to thank her; thank you for having a conversation and a journey with me about a character and how she might dress.

I forget who said this– Patricia Zipprodt?– but it’s a reminder that a sketch should always be something to show a “potential destination,” and not necessarily be a destination in itself. You allow yourself the chance to take a detour or two; who knows what you’ll discover?

Music I listened to while sewing: Beyonce for the win tonight.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m tired today and tonight. I’m just beat.

I’m not upset or cranky, I’m just a little worn out and all I would like is for the Holidays to be over frankly so we could move on. I would like people to be able to provide solutions and answers and not always problems. I’m tired of dealing with other people’s needs here.

I want someone to care about my needs here. I want someone to talk to here. I feel like my life is still out east in New York, and I’m not sure how to feel about that. I would like someone to show some interest in me here, not as a costume shop manager or a designer, or even a boyfriend or partner or anything like that… I just want someone to talk to HERE and not time zones or cities away. My phone bill is high enough. My texting is out of control. I’m on Facebook messenger every night to all hours of the night.

Really… just someone to be able to shoot the sh-t with, outside of work and the theater building, that had nothing to do with work, that respected my work but could help me have a life outside of work.

I’m having wine tonight against my better judgement. I tell myself it’s okay to relax with it. Embrace it; it’s Friday.

Anyway; I’m off.


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