Block 540: December 5, 2014


Sprite. Gatorade. Pick your poison.

Date: December 5, 2014

Crane: 540

Days Spent on Project: 655

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Thom C.

Thom was the company manager for Priscilla, back in Toronto and then later on when the show transferred to Broadway. He, along with Tammie, seemed to be the ever present ones making sure that all the people involved in the team were housed, paid, and cared for as we worked to get that very large production on its legs.

As the assistant, I learned with this production that you do need to carefully read all the contracts and paperwork that you’re given at the beginning of a project. When I went in to sign papers and officially join the team in September 2010, I should have taken better care to go over all the details and dates included. I would have, if I had whipped out a calendar and figured out the number of weeks being offered, realized that they were only planning to pay and house me through a certain date… and that they would be planning on sending me home from Toronto before the show opened.

They ultimately didn’t send me home prior to Opening. I did stay. I did see the show. I did get to celebrate with the people I worked with. I did get the dates re-negotiated with an additional three weeks of work tacked on (which were needed), but again it showed to me how much of Broadway really is about balancing the budget. How much of a team you are is really just based on how much someone wants to pay for your time. How, in the end, you are always an expense, first and foremost, unless you’re at the top. Or on the poster. Or have an agent. Or a friend looking out for you.

But, again, this experience told me… it taught me… never to take your time on a team for granted. You’re there for one thing only- work- and that’s kind of it. Not that Thom was in charge of this- he wasn’t the producer only the guy that took care of the paperwork- but it’s show BUSINESS first and foremost and always.

It’s why I always bristle when I’m told to be a team player. Teamwork, in my opinion, means working together as a valued part of a group. So much of my experience was always feeling like an additional line item on an expense report.

Music I listened to while sewing: Nothing today. I should change that!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: TGIF.

I got an email from a designer friend today in New York. The expressed sentiment was: good for you for getting out and not to look back.

And this is from someone I’ve always admired- her drawings, her ideas, her work quality, her work quantity, her resume, and so on.

It’s a good reminder to me that the grass is always greener, no matter where you find yourself in Life. I guess that’s it, we’re always moving towards something; there’s always a desire or a need within us still that needs to be satisfied. If we’re not actively reaching or working towards something, what else are we doing?

So, yes, big reminder today. My life has changed. My life has stabilized (a bit). My life is a little more comfortable right now.

And for that, and so many other things, maybe I just need to think about investing time here to see if that THING- that need that’s not yet met- can be found here.

I have times when I float between “Yeah, this will all work out” and moments of “I need my routine back.” I imagine I’ll be having those feelings this entire year.

I know I started this project as a physical way to remind myself to take this journey, this life, one day at a time. I only needed to focus on the immediate time in front of me, and I shouldn’t get overwhelmed by what lie ahead or what was out of my control. Stay grounded in the now. Enjoy the moments that are now. Face the work and the struggles and the happinesses that happen now, and understand that it is all about Now.

My needs to focus on The Now have obviously evolved and changed. But I still need that reminder.


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