Block 530: November 25, 2014


“Extraordinary lives

Keep crashing and tumbling by

Somewhere there’s a sky for only me

Diamonds in disguise

Hiding like forgotten days

All these tears of mine will fly away”

Date: November 25, 2014

Crane: 530

Days Spent on Project: 645

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Today, I’m going to send this Crane off to Chris M.

Chris and I met, randomly on Ok Cupid, probably back in 2010 or 2011, on the crazy weird coincidence that we both went to the Yale School of Drama and that site kept recommending we meet. He came to the YSD a year or two after I graduated, so we never technically overlapped.

We finally met up for coffee at Grey Dog in Chelsea, and the friendship started then. At the time, he was working in the drama office at the Manhattan School of Music; a few months later, I would be assisting a designer on one of their operas, which seemed like another random coincidence.

I really like his energy. I really like how he seems to know everyone, or has worked with everyone. I like how he’s so smart about theater, opinionated about it, but also really passionate about making a life outside of theater. Back in 2012, as I was wrapping my time up with Newsies, he announced he was going to be taking a break from New York to work as an intern for a regional theater in DC. For a year, he’d be living in company housing, living on food stamps (one of “the perks” the offered for the MINUSCULE PAY), but he’d be working with a viable regional theater under a director he admired at the time. He wanted that opportunity. I was sad to see him go; as he left, I remember thinking he’d never come back. The regions would seduce him away from the city.

Ten months later, he moved back, more intent to make it all work in New York. So, that must have been 2013 when he came back. At that point, I was careening through a series of terrible productions and situations and I was starting to wonder if I wanted to make it work anymore.

Chris and I have texted sporadically since I moved away four months ago. Because of his work schedule, I was unable to say goodbye to him in person, unfortunately. We spoke on the phone a week and a half ago, and it felt SO GOOD to hear his voice and hear how things are going for him.

If I head back to New York, he offered his couch to surf on for a spell. It’s nice to know someone would help if that happened.

I miss my friends. I wasn’t even seeing them all the time towards the end of my time in New York, but I miss knowing they were nearby.

Music I listened to while sewing: The Scissor Sisters, “Somewhere.” On repeat. ‘Cause I get stuck in ruts.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m starting to worry that there might not be much work here in the future. Like… any.

That’s only borderline true. I do think things will get a little slower here in the next season, as they’re rethinking what productions they want to do here. This means I really need to start looking for more creative outlets here. And soon.


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