Block 523: November 18, 2014


And like that, everything started at the same time. Go figure.

Date: November 18, 2014

Crane: 523

Days Spent on Project: 638

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have sent it to: Brahman Alcana Pretty Beautiful Petki Floyd.

Brahman was the Heinz 57 dog that my eldest sister adopted when she was in college. I think, by that time, she had moved out of the dorms, so Brahman may have lived with her in one of the many apartments/houses she rented at that time in her life. But Brahman soon started to live with us, especially when my sister finished college and spent some time at home.

Now, imagine that you’re a young teenage boy who’s been told his entire life that he’s extremely allergic to pets– dogs and cats especially– and that it would be probably best never to own one. When Brahman moved in with us, it was discussed that he would be a “garage only” dog. Then, he somehow graduated to only living down the hall where my sisters lived. Eventually he seemed to have full run of the house.

When we first got him, he was fiercely protective of my sister; it wasn’t unknown for him to snap at anyone who came near her room or her. He soon adapted and became accepting of the rest of us.

He had a favorite spot on one couch, spending hours there; we believed it was because it was the perfect viewpoint to see everyone in two different rooms. He would always bark– loudly– when we would come home from school or work; he would bark– loudly but happily– when my mom came home. She liked to feed him.

I believe I was in middle school when he came into our family? Was I 12? 13?

He became an excellent Alpha Dog when we brought Stuart the Scotty to our home. Stuart depended on him. They would become quite the pack, existing together inseparably. Brahman was a few years older than Stuart; he lived a very long life with us and then with my parents as we all scattered to the winds after high school and college.

Brahman is still out in Indiana. He passed away before my parents made the move to Richmond a few years back. He was a great FIRST dog to come into our family and, I believe because of him, Stuart was possibly… as was Duffy and Ribsey and MY dog.

I think we always were dog people, we just needed Brahman to tell us that it was okay for us to be.

Music I listened to while sewing: I just turned on the playlist from Sleep No More. I’ve got Peggy Lee on right now. That music is so comforting right now!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, here we go… we’re starting rehearsals for one show today, we tech another show starting tomorrow, start teching today’s show on Friday, previews for BOTH start on Saturday, I just got two cast lists for two shows that start in three weeks and designs for all of them just fell in my lap. Nothing like EVERYTHING happening all at once.

But it’s better to be busy here than not! Right?

In lieu of personal distractions, I have my Cranes and my Excel spreadsheets and my plans to make theater here. Hm.

One thought on “Block 523: November 18, 2014

  1. I love your telling of how we became a dog family. I was so scared about your asthma when you were young, I just wasn’t going to get furry pets. I will never have cats.

    Thank goodness for Brahmin. I love that you remembered his whole name. He was the alpha, comforter, organizer, approver in chief, guard, keeper of Stuart. He was a great dog! Stuart was too because of you and Mark and then Brahmin.


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