Block 494: October 20, 2014


I was feeling in a very blue mood yesterday. I went to the barber across the street from my apartment, and asked him to make me feel better. He gave me a pompadour.

Date: October 20, 2014

Crane: 494

Days Spent on Project: 609

Location: NW Portland, OR

Person I would have given it to: Well, if I’m continuing with the people that I worked with when I was assisting on the costumes for Come Fly Away that played on Broadway (for about a hot minute), I should dedicate this Crane to Andy and all the men at St. Laurie’s in New York City.

They’re a business in Koreatown that makes custom suits. They do a lot of theater business, I’ve learned, with a few designers that are very loyal, because they really do work with them on the details and how to make a suit really fit a guy well. It was an interesting choice for Katherine to use them on CFA, just because we were working with performers who’d be dancing HEAVILY in these clothes 8 times a week, so things like gussets and stretch fabrics and building shirts onto underwear (to keep them tucked in) had to be taken into consideration… And then building duplicates of everything, for longevity purposes.

But they do build a great suit. A lot of the guys in the show had custom suits made for the Opening Night Party for CFA. They looked great.

I did work with St. Laurie and Andy one other time when I lived in New York. Again, Katherine was doing a small show at the Public, and we needed four suits for our actors. They really,  again, worked well to get that exaggerated masculine silhouette from the 40s.

Music I listened to while sewing: There’s some music playing in the shop, but I have yet to turn on anything in my office… It’s very quiet and chill here today, why disrupt that?

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: A friend is texting me from New York right now. He’s lamenting that another store on 39th Street has gone out of business, so another “lunch place” can go in. At this rate, will the Garment District exist much longer?

Another friend texted yesterday. She’s a designer in New York, a few years younger than I am, and she had her first situation where a director behaved badly and changed her work (the set, costume, and puppet design) without telling her, and now insists that she fix it to his specifications. She was furious, rightly, and wanting to know what to do.

It’s always difficult, life and design and theater, sure. It’s been a reminder that NYC and freelance wasn’t perfect, no matter how much I romanticize things here.

We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Block 494: October 20, 2014

  1. I hope everything went well for your friend in new-york. But that’s how it is. They change things at the last minute. You have no choice but to comply or lose your job. Who wants that?

    • Right? She was in a bad situation- family emergency, needing to leave for what turned into over a week- but I think it’ll all get worked out. She took the evening, talked to several people, and decided to re-negotiate expectations. And learn, too; sometimes you need those experiences to know who to work with in the future?

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