Leaping towards a net.

I’m still here.

Life is still upside down and slowly, SLOWLY righting itself on the west coast. Portland is pretty awesome in ways that New York was no longer. I was pretty unhappy with Life back in Washington Heights, in Manhattan, in New York. When you operate on a default setting of “anxious,” you need to do something. When you begin to believe that you’re not more than a line on an expense report, that you can’t float above the heads of 8 million other people, something has to change.

I guess.

The A Thousand Quilted Crane Project will continue, of course it will. But my stuff (sewing machine, fabric, etc.) is still in storage in New York City. I hope to get back to it and quilting in September. I’m still wading into the unknown here.

Thanks for hanging around.

Sometimes a huge change is exactly what you need. Nothing like giving yourself less than 2 weeks to discard your life, getting on a plane with a dog in the early morning dark, and then being picked up at a completely new airport by a stranger who’s supposed to take you to your new job which you’re set to start that day.

Nothing like it.


3 thoughts on “Leaping towards a net.

  1. I have been sending you happy vibes!!! glad the pacific northwest is a fresh new adventure for you!!! Look forward to september when cranes start appearing in my mailbox each morning!

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