Block 477: June 27, 2014


And so one thing ends, and so another begins.


Date: June 27, 2014

Crane: 477

Days Spent on Project: 494

Location: Richmond, VA in the morning and then Pittsburgh, PA this afternoon.

Yeah, I’m taking a road trip to visit my brother and his wife who are closing on their first house together. I haven’t been to Pittsburgh since their wedding five years ago; it’s time to reconnect.

Person I would have sent it to: Jon G.

I met Jon back in 2008; he was the stage manager who led Fela! in it’s off-Broadway form at 37 Arts, and would later manage its Broadway production for some of the run. I would say I learned a lot from Jon, perhaps unknowingly.

There are so many lessons to learn from the people that you cross paths with, even if you don’t interact much at all, and these lessons are so common that I don’t know why I don’t always take them to heart.

It’s so important to be a team player.

It’s important to smile.

It’s important to try your best.

It’s important that you don’t throw your stress onto someone else.

It’s important to do your job, even if its thankless and tiresome and tedious. If you sign up to do the work, do it and don’t talk about how much work you’re doing.

Part of the beauty of ballet is not knowing how hard those dancers work to make something look so effortless.

Always try.

Accept the challenge, even if it seems impossible. Learn as you go.

Music I listened to while sewing: I had every intention of listening to a playlist called “The Happy Hipster: Yes, they do exist” this morning.

Instead, I’m stuck listening to Fitz and The Tantrum’s “The Walker.” It’s actually PERFECT for today.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: BOOM.

I think it’s official, like really really official, and the change is underway.

First, this will be my last Crane for a spell. Maybe this break will be for a few days, or a week or two. I’m not sure how long I’ll need to step away from this, for time’s sake, but things are about to get all twisty and inside out and upside down. Remember how, 62 days ago, I left New York for Los Angeles and then went to Arkansas and wound up in Virginia? And I admitted that I had pre-made 60-some Cranes so that I could keep this project going while I went on a little adventure?

Today’s Crane (pictured above, like always) is the last of those pre-made Cranes. I just ran out. I originally thought, back in April, that I’d have returned to my apartment in Washington Heights and life would have returned to normal by now. It’s been 8 weeks after all; how much time would I want to spend away from New York?

Well. I’m about to find out.

I was offered a job with a regional theater in Portland, Oregon yesterday. I’ve been talking with them for two weeks now, and the position was finally made official. Ideally, I’ll be there in two weeks to start working FULL-TIME FOR TWELVE MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR AND I’LL BE PAID A SALARY WITH BENEFITS.

I heard the news in a public place yesterday, and within minutes I was crying.

It’s not just the offer and the hopeful stability it might provide, it was hearing from the theater company that they’re exciting to bring me on board and they want me to be happy there.

I’ve never heard that in my career or time in New York.

I’ve never had someone say they hoped I was happy.

Meanwhile, I’m trying, trying to keep my expectations managed. I will have to learn a lot quickly and I’m sure the transition period ahead will be difficult at times. But I’m ready for this: it’s a change and it’s an opportunity and I’m feeling so relieved.

My fingers are crossed. There’s a lot of work ahead (not including the packing, getting rid of “stuff,” figuring out how to get myself and my dog across the country, learning a new city, etc) with the job, so it’s time to focus.

I’ll be back with the project as soon as I can.




4 thoughts on “Block 477: June 27, 2014

  1. wow, congrats!!! well…you’ve been wanting change, you’ve been wanting to leave NYC, you’ve been wanting something different, something what was seemingly missing…’ve talked yourself into it….out of it….into it….out of it….back into, blah blah blah….and now you’ve finally got that situation that will give you exactly what you want. i only hope that it makes you happy and fills your wants as well as your needs and some of the stress and anxiety the freelance career has caused you starts to fade away as stability emerges!! best of luck to you mike! i just wished we would have had the opportunity to meet and get o know each other before we wound up on opposite sides of the country.
    i’ve enjoyed your project online though, i think its been a really neat experience for you, and also for anyone who follows along. i feel as if i’ve known you for years just from your ability to share so freely and openly in a public forum. i can’t wait to see the final product of this project and see how you decide to handle it once you’ve got all the quilt squares finished. before you left, i dropped off a package for you at the City Quilter that i thought would help with the project and i tried to be all cute and make it kinda fit in with the theme and overall scheme of the project with the music and cranes and such. i thought it was neat, but perhaps you didn’t find it as nifty as i might have lol. i can be a little dorky like that sometimes.

    best of luck wherever these new ventures lead you, mike! xo

  2. Congrats!! this is amazing news… i have friends that are moving from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon this summer — he just finished his fellowship and is now officially done with medical school and launched in the working world — please publish the name of the theatre company you will be working with because if i get to visit them i would smile to also have a chance to see your work

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