Block 464: June 14, 2014


I think my dog is passively-aggressively giving me the cold shoulder. Maybe all is not well.

Date: June 14, 2014

Crane: 464

Days Spent on Project: 481

Location: Richmond, VA

Person I would have sent it to: Wilson C.

The second summer I worked on Fela!, prepping it for a transfer to the Eugene O’Neill on Broadway, I met Wilson.

He was brought on by Marina to help Tim flesh out the original set design for a new, more traditional theater space. When Fela! opened at 37 Arts in 2008, the stage was much smaller, was only accessible for entrances on one side, had no fly space for scenery, nor was they much – if any- wing space for performers or crew.

Wilson and Tim worked with Marina to take that design and flesh it out, so the world of the Kalakuta compound filled the O’Neill stage and then burst out into the house, as economically as possible. I think they did a pretty amazing job.

Wilson, like Tim, was another graduate of the Yale School of Drama, so we all had that connective tissue between us. Tim had just graduated, I think, I had been in New York for almost 3 years at that point, and Wilson had finished at the YSD the year before I originally went.

All these years later, as I’ve moved from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side and now up to Washington Heights, I’ve also discovered that Wilson lives around the corner from me. I see him occasionally in the neighborhood, usually when I’m walking my dog. Wilson, in the years since Fela! opened and closed, has also designed his first Broadway play, Next Fall. He always seems to be busy, flying all over to design for theaters across the country and elsewhere.

Music I listened to while sewing: Nothing today. The TV is on.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: I’m considering this period – the time before I head back to New York and get started on the next adventure – my vacation. And as such, I’m being incredibly lazy, hence the later Crane posting today.

It’s so nice to be here for the moment, and not “there…” wherever there is, of course. I have, I think, a week until the next adventure solidifies. I’ll probably stay in Virginia until some answers and decisions are given. I have a feeling I’ll need to rest up for whatever situation presents itself.

Okay, off to go and try to reconnect with my dog. French Bulldogs can be really great at giving the cold shoulder.

One thought on “Block 464: June 14, 2014

  1. LOL….i’m sure he was very ecstatic and elated to see you initially, but then once he had his triumph and moment of joy (and so had you too)….it then sank in that you had been gone for quite some time. just like i’m sure he was perfectly fine the first few days you were gone after you dropped him off….then he started to realize you just weren’t there…he’s realizing that you’re here now, but unsure whether or not you’ll stay. so the passive-aggressive cold shoulder is his way of telling you that you better not go away again….OR ELSE! LOL i’m sure after a few days, you’ll be right back to normal and in good graces with him again. given that i’m just catching up on the blog, that’s what i expect to be reading a few entries from now anyways! i hope so. but i’m sure he’s glad that daddy is back and you’ve been getting a ton of snuggle time together! =)
    i’m also glad to hear you’re coming back to NY. i hope that throughout process continues as i read on further posts as well, and doesn’t change directions. but that’s just my own selfish ways….if bigger and better things take you away from ny, then by all means, i’d be happy for you and the opportunities and chances that those experiences might present for you! okay….on to more posts and catching up….

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