Block 460: June 10, 2014


Stand. Out.

Date: June 10, 2014

Crane: 460

Days Spent on Project: 477

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: Sam H.

Sam was another one of the craftspeople who worked out of Martin’s Costume Shop. I met him, like I met most of those people, back in 2008 when we rented an office space from them that would be used as our home base during the Fela! production period.

Sam helped us make some of the specialty costumes needed for the Orisha sequence towards the end of the show. Those costume evolved over the years: at first, they were crudely made (partly on purpose) out of white, plastic hula skirts on elastic and later on would be made out of fabrics ranging from cheap-ish spandex to silk organza.

Sam now works as a freelance craftsperson and designer, but still rents space from Martin. I worked with him last year to make a custom, break-able 6′ tall wooden staff for a production of The Tempest. He’s really good. The costumes and headpieces he makes are pretty fantastic.

Music I listened to while sewing: Robin and Royksopp again!

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: In two days, I’ll be going to the airport to get out of here.

I’ll go to Virginia, where I will be reunited with my dog after more than 7 weeks apart. That feels crazy. I hope he remembers me.

After that, my life might be splintering into a few different directions. Again, like any freelancer knows, things either come all at once or they don’t come at all. A few options might be presenting themselves to me and, like usual, they all want to happen together. I still need to figure out some basic, but important, questions… do I want to continue this freelance existence? Do I want to keep working in New York? Do I want to keep working in theater?

Am I just “over it” because this particular experience in Arkansas has been so unfortunate?

A lot to think about in Virginia; it also doesn’t help that I’m waiting to hear whether these possibilities are real or not. I don’t know if I’ll know for a while, which isn’t making any decision-making easier.

Until then, I guess I have to keep moving forward as best I can.

I can’t wait to open this show and get back to my life, wherever that ends up being.

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