Block 455: June 5, 2014


Oh, oh, oh… only one week more…

Date: June 5, 2014

Crane: 455

Days Spent on Project: 472

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Person I would have sent it to: Chris A.

Chris was the general manager/company manager/bookkeeper at the producer’s office that helped fund Fela! in both it’s off-Broadway and Broadway (and later tours) off the ground.

He was the guy that I went to for petty cash to spend so I could buy materials and fabric. He would, to the best of his abilities, make things happen for us in the costume department. Quick with a laugh or a comment, I always thought he was a lot of fun. Because of him and that office’s accounting needs, I was able to fine tune my receipt paperwork into the overly Type-A excel spreadsheet that it is today.

As I sit here in Arkansas, trying to figure out the best way to find money to buy overall buckles (for $1.50!) for this production of Pippin, I think back on how easy it all seemed. Yes, getting more money advanced could be tedious and you usually had to explain what it was for in advance and justify why you needed more… but, to a certain extent, the producers realized that to make a “decent” product, you had to spend some money. Yes, yes, yes, there were/are always tense negotiations (Why can’t you just buy this stuff from a mall?), but (for the most part) they had the ability to understand that money was involved in producing theater.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Chris a bunch lately too. All those Fela! people were really instrumental in my “design career” (whatever that means nowadays), and showing me that I could think bigger and there were bigger options out there and that theater is ultimately a business.

Music I listened to while sewing: I’ve got jazz music on this morning, provided by Spotify and someone’s awesome playlist of the music from the Ken Burns’ documentary, “Jazz.”

I’ve played it all day in my dressing room/office all day for a series of days. I’ve learned it helps to ground me and calm the actors down as they head in for fittings.

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Well, last night’s dream involved me shopping with a few students I worked with at University of California in Irvine before I came to Arkansas. I took them out, for “nice clothing,” and ended up at an H&M, which looked more like the Barney’s Men’s department than any H&M I’ve ever been to. One of the students, a guy, found a really amazing emerald-blue-green suit jacket with a great binding around the lapel. Not only did it fit him perfectly, but it was discounted heavily. I, and all the other students, were trying to talk him into buying it when his cell phone dinged. He answered his text and found out he had been offered a really amazing job all the way across the country… in New York. He was set to move to Chicago at the end of the school year; he asked me if I should do it.

I woke up before I answered, but I remember thinking how jealous I was.

What do all these dreams MEAN?


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